Thursday, August 30, 2012


Without the dog, the dogcraver's life is very hard. He constantly feels threaten,scared, he often changes moods going from one extreme to another. He feels detached. He feels lost. But once the dog is acquired, things start to change.

Due to well established social consensus, that has lasted for centuries and the consensus is that dogs are good and safe,the person accepts that, as the definition, and sees in the dogs a life saving chance. The dog, since it is perceived by the society as something positive in general, is a ticket out of that horrible but safe setting. Not only that it is a ticket it is the ticked, the only one he's got, so all the focus is diverted towards the dog.
Since he perceive that the society sees dogs as positive, he automatically assumes that he will be accepted and perceived as positive. So since he will be accepted and not rejected, positive but not negative, he will be safe. However, since he is a narcissist he demands the constant attention. The unconditional attention. The unconditional means that he demands to be accepted as it is, he needs to be accepted totally or not at all. He cannot adjust to others since others don't exist. Also changing in order to adjust to others would disturb the stability of the system and thus the safety would be destroyed. The request to accommodate the needs of others, the dogcraver sees as the denial of his own needs and therefore as the attack aimed to destroy him completely. So the very thought of change is rejected and not only that it is rejected it is perceived as the threat. As a threat aimed to deny his right to live and cancel his existence.

This view places the dogcraver personality in a position of the victim. He is the one that is in danger, he is the one that needs to be protected and ultimately as the victim he cannot be blamed and everything that he does is justified. The dogcraver accepts the victim status only so that it can use it in order to impose his will. The victim status gives him the right to do anything what he wants and when ever he wants, without any consequences. Victim position is in essence the safe position and therefore the only position where the dogcraver can be. He is entitled for that position, it belongs to him by default.

So the dogcraver uses his victim status to demand unconditional justification for his actions. By bonding with the dog, he uses the dog as a tool to achieve his demands. He has only one demand and that demand is,his total and absolute domination over everything.

As the consensus accepts the dogs as good and as he owns the dog and loves the dog, he is granted the the access to society and thus the interaction between the dogcraver and the society begins.

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