Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Great Void.

At the core of every dogcraver, lies the trauma and the trauma is the problem. The inability to comprehend the trauma and to understand the problem, creates the fear of the unknown, which than envelops the initial trauma and forces feedback loops that only intensify the fear and propel it upwards. That means that the fear is constantly growing and with it grows the passivity and aggression. These forces oppose and annihilate each other thus creating the void. That void or emptiness creates the need or the craving, since in itself it creates the completely new feeling, feeling of being incomplete and unfinished. Since the fear is the strongest feeling, the inability to confront it and solve it, leads to the first logical construct or a measure and that is to preserve it,to contain it. But since there is not enough strength within the personality to resolve all this, the containment effort can only be achieved with the help from the outside force. Unfortunately, since the harm has been done by other humans,in most cases the ones whom were the closest aka the parents or the family, the trust bond is lost, so the attention is than focused on other lifeforms and in the case of the dogcraver- the dogs.

The first mark of the dogcraver is the inability to communicate. Since it is locked in his self defeating loop, trapped in the eternal cycles of failed attempts to break free from the fear that slowly grows and gains strength, the dogcraver personality doesn't develop mechanisms to communicate simply because there is no one to communicate with rather than himself. The dogcraver without the dog is isolated in a self-made protective shell that he designed to contain the growing fear, but as he build it from the inside and that left him trapped inside with his fear. So he is forced to always expand his prison in order to get away from the fear that breathes at his neck. As the weight of his passivity grows, the inner dynamics weakens and the stability of the system creates the sense of familiarity,thus the safety, the inner life of the dogcraver becomes almost static. He cannot change anything since it would disrupt the familiar cycle and thus endanger the familiar setting, destroying the safety with it.

In the last attempt to run away from the fear that consumes him from the inside, the dogcraver reaches for the outside input, he needs to take the energy from the outside in order to keep running away from fear. So with the introduction of the dog, the dogcraver projects his thinking onto a dog and therefore the dogcraver and the dog become one symbiotic organism. It is not possible to distinguish the dogcraver from the dog and they have to be studied as one, not as two separate organisms.

The dog as a pack animal, has inbuilt mechanisms for forming or recognising the social structure. In the uncontrolled environment, the dog pack has the hierarchy that is obeyed unconditionally and the main reason for that is the sense of dependency on others in order to survive. So dog treats humans as a pack,aka it treats humans as dogs. The dogcraver treats dogs as humans. Since he is unable to communicate with other human beings and considers his dog to be a human being,he uses dog as a communication aide, as the medium to communicate with the outside world.

However, since in essence the dogcraver is a narcissists, he is the one whom stays behind the prison wall while the dog is on the other side. The dogcraver knows that and he always keep himself separated from the dog but he keeps that knowledge as his most guarded secret. Cause the only thing that matters him more than dog is his own personal safety. Which is a trade mark of every narcissists personality.

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