Friday, August 24, 2012

First step into the darkness

Writing about this will not be an easy task.

Almost on the all forums, Facebook pages or any other forms of discussion about this topic,often get shut down rather fast as they get labelled as malicious,that they support animal abuse or that they are in violation of general agreement. Hopefully this blog will not suffer the same fate.

So without further delay, lets get down to business.

The most prominent reason why those discussions get shut down is that they often carry names like I hate dogs, I despise dogs and such. The very word hate is enough to trigger a though process that than leads to page or discussion being banned and members excluded from the site. In the effort to justify their action, dogcravers state that they hate the hate, that they don't want the hate to exist and that hating dogs automatically means harming them or killing them. More extreme dogcravers go further when stating that, hating dogs is equal to hating humans and thus hating dogs means harming or killing humans. So dogcravers are acting in the best public interest, protecting it from the wicked minds that want to do harm to others.

However, this is a lie and I will go into the great length explaining why.

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