Saturday, August 25, 2012

The need

When we want something we think that something that we need, we are lacking and thus the need is created for that something. Same principle is valid in the case of the dogcraver. It is fairly safe than, to assume that the need for a dog companionship is created at the core of dogcravers personality. So understanding that need is crucial in understanding how one becomes the dogcraver. In order to uncover the need we will have to dive deep, deep to the core of the dogcraver personality. Let's go.

Following the rule that missing something creates craving or need to get that something, the basis for craving for dogs is that thing that is missing. So what is the thing that is missing? Well, since the nature of relationship between dogcraver and the dog is companionship, what is missing is contact or a relationship. All the dogcravers that I know, were created in some form of dysfunctional environment. Sometimes it is the dysfunctional family where there is no communication what so ever or it is a one way communication,sometimes it is a sudden loss or some other type of trauma. The thing that matters is that what ever happened is not understood and therefore it is not processed and comprehended. So since it is essentially an unknown it provokes unease feelings and ultimately fear. Fear from the unknown. If the mind doesn't find the way to logically confront itself with unknown and to overcome it (aka. to understand and to transform the unknown into the known) two things happen. The personality development gets trapped at that level and it is constantly drawn to the source of fear, consciously or unconsciously, constantly seeking ways to understand (overcome or conquer) the fear. Sometimes traumas accrue when the personality is so young that the memory of it gets stored in the form of emotions and not the rational thoughts and exists trough out the life as the emotion (positive or negative). Problem with those types of traumas is that they are very very hard to recognise let alone rationalise later on in life. But the thing is, that the brain is aware of the problem and it constantly seeks ways to deal with it. The way how it does, among other things, is trough various aids which are in essence a form of compensation. So since the harm or the fear has came from the side of humans, the logical compensation will be found in either material things or wealth or animals. And what is the best animal for that? One that is good and smart (some would say smarter than humans),one that knows how to love unconditionally, one that can turn at the moment notice from a companion to a defender and thus protector?

Yes,you got it right, our old friend THE DOG.

Let's compare the characteristic that are used by the consensus, to describe dogs.

Dogs are smart-that means that dogs are logical,thus predictable which translates to-SAFE.
Dogs are playful-that means that they are not hostile or represent a threat, which means that they are again-SAFE
Dogs are honest and sincere-which means that they are, yet again-SAFE.
Dogs are easily trained-which means that they can be controlled, which again means-SAFE.
Dogs are protective-again-SAFE.
Dogs are trustworthy-SAFE.

And so on and so on. Pretty much every single characteristic that is used to define the dogs, by the consensus, is another synonym for being SAFE. Add to that the general historical bond between dogs and humans, the legacy factor and you will end up with the perfect compensation for that ugly, disgusting fear that lurks in the back and breathes at the neck.

So the primary reason for the creation of the dogcraver is fear that cannot be overcome and as the result of failure to overcome, substitute is needed to make things work and that substitute is the dog.

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