Monday, August 27, 2012

The perversion

The inability to confront and to conquer the fear, creates two main emotions. A sense of helplessness or vulnerability which than translates into anxiety and the frustration that breeds aggression. These two conflicting feelings, feeling of being impotent is a demeaning feeling and creates passivity, while the aggression that calls for reaction is totally opposite feeling since it calls for action. These two states of mind,one passive and one aggressive create self defeating loop where one environment seeks to cancel the other. The net end result is third state that is a combination of those two sub states and that third state which is the cyclic state. In order to clarify this hypothesis, try to picture this as a solar system.

At the centre of that solar system is not the star like our sun, but the black hole that represents the fear. Around that black hole revolves the planet passivity. The aggression is the force that moves the planet passivity around black hole. Since the gravity of the black hole is the strongest, the aggression which moves the planet passivity is always weaker cause it has to beat two forces, the gravity of the black hole and the pure mass of the planet passivity. At the end the very orbit of planet passivity is new setting that completes the system, locking it in a eternal cycles of failed attempts to break free but also providing the rock solid stability of that system.

The dogcraver is aware of his fear, although he is unable to understand it. So every attempt that is made to break free ends up as the failed attempt which only adds up to the passivity until the system reaches balance and thus stability. The stability of the system than creates paradox. Since the movement is cyclic, the cycles or the orbit becomes predictable and after some time it becomes known and thus it becomes comfortable,safe environment. Once it becomes stable and thus safe, although it is based on essentially self destructing process between passivity and aggression, that environment than dictates the further development of the personality. That system is the core of the dogcraver, the foundation. The base of his personality.

From that moment, his personality is characterised with only one thing-the desire for absolute safety. The desire for absolute safety than becomes the desire for absolute control, since he is too afraid to trust others, regardless if they are the system or person/persons. This desire for absolute control or absolute domination, makes the dogcraver detached from reality, since he is constantly obsessed with himself and his safety and thus a form of narcissism develops. But since narcissism depends out of narcissistic supply or the followers whom will adore the narcissus, the dogcraver, unable to get that supply from other humans, seeks a substitute and that substitute he finds in animals. But since he craves absolute control and absolute safety, the only thing that concerns him is the animal that is ready to unconditionally do his bidding. That “animal” is a mutant creature,proven and safe.

The dog.

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  1. i agree with much of what is written above.

    here is an interesting article on narcisstitic supply.