Monday, May 12, 2014

To the bitter end -" The shock wave theory", part one

In all these thoughts/blogs, one question constantly emerges and the question is-why? Why these things happen, why they are upheld, why they are promoted, why they are ok, why we tolerate them. Why?
Why it can't be different? Because there is more to this subject that meets the eyes. Much more.
By itself, this behavior is not a reason itself, yet it is a consequence of something a lot more bigger and darker. Someone once wrote that,  "you will recognize the end of one society or civilization by two things, one of them being the disintegration of roads and the other one being ever increasing population of stray dogs".

I know that these words are true, because that is the setting where I live and by all parameters our end has come.

The disintegration of roads means, in essence, that the inner dynamic of one society ceased to function. Its like a bloodstream that has been shut off and as a consequence of that, body dies. But it doesn't die right away, yet as the bloodstream shuts, body functions degrade gradually until only most basic aka vital functions remain. Ones with the medical background will understand this better than the others. In the social realm, when things are seen from this angle, something that exists at the surface level and can be considered as miniscule and trivial, such as pet ownership is actually an reflection from the very core of the society, an echo or more precise an shock wave from the center of that society where more serious and vital things happen. Seen like that, the pet ownership suddenly changes category, from trivial to crucial

Having a neighbor that has a dog, that often freely runs outside and deals death and damage, means in essence that the area that that dog covers is off limits to anyone whom believes that it can move freely. That area than becomes a limit to movement and with that limit, the freedom of movement gets shut down and with it, the bloodstream of one society. The road that leads to the dogcraver house, instantly looses its meaning because its function, to allow travel aka the movement, is reduced to zero, since it crosses the territory of the dog. No one wants to go trough that road, since it is unsafe and slowly everything that that road connects becomes disconnected and dies off. That is how the damage is spreading and destroying everything in its path.

If we take the society as a system that functions in every segment, this course of events means that its functionality as a whole is compromised and that it falls apart in certain segments. However, the problem is that as its functionality decreases, that empty space that is left is not left alone, it does not become an empty space,  yet it is replaced by a new system that aggressively spreads and seeks out to destroy existing system, in this case the society itself.

The process of this "conversion" goes something like this.

If you have an dog owner whom cannot control his dog and that dog, in its desire to dominate, is let to behave naturally, it will cross boundaries set by humans. From the most basic form of boundaries, such as yards, fences that define one property, to house doors, streets and roads, to a more complex boundaries such as human morals and up to the very top the legal system that defines the relations within one society, all these things don't mean a thing to a dog that is loose. All it wants is to dominate and it will kill and maul everything that it can. Its natural behavior turns to rubble literary everything, from fence and the sense of private property to a street aka the public property up to the legal system.

Since the dog owner is the one responsible for the dog and the dog's behavior, this means that he should be punished for the dog's actions and that is the responsibility of the system. However, the failure of the system to react in these cases means a victory for the dog and the dog owner and allows them to create their own system, the system of dog governance. The dogotopia. Now the dog decides whom to bite and how much and the dog owner takes the dog power as he is the owner and he becomes a factor that governs. The power of the system than, gets transferred from system to a dogcraver making the dogcraver more powerful and the system weaker.

As the system retreats, the dogcravers advance. As they advance, their system advances as well and that is how you get various "support groups" and "projects" that aim to make this behavior accepted as normal. In legal terms, this means legalizing it. So if human kills other human it is illegal, but if dog kills a human than it is legal. The fact that the dog that killed human was physically present due to a fact that the person wanted the dog, that that person got the dog and that allowed the dog to come in contact with the victim is neglected and rejected as plausible cause of death and thus the dogcraver cannot be charged and neither the dog can be charged, which leaves us only with victim but not the criminal.

Following that logic, if a human kills another human with a firearm, that human cannot be guilty simply because the death of another man is a result of chemical processes in the bullet case, thermodynamic of the explosion, physics of the fluid that propels the round, round's flight and the kinetic energy of the round coming in contact with the body of the human. So the killer can't be blamed for fact that the laws of physics  function.The fact that the killer has bought a gun, aimed and pulled the trigger doesn't mean a thing, because pulling a trigger doesn't guarantee that the bullet will come out of the barrel. Gun parts can fail, the gunpowder can fail and the wind can alter the ballistic path of the bullet.

By this logic, only killing other human with the bare hands can be qualified as murder while all other methods are not relevant and can be consider as "tragedies" or accidents.

Valid BS, but still a BS.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sanity supression or " The humane savages and liberal barbarism"

It's been a while since my last writing, almost a year has passed since than. This is mostly due to fact that I am full time employed now, working at the small studio that develops mobile games and apps, which leaves little time to deal with the pathology of the cravers. Don't worry, it is still there and growing, taking more and more bizarre twists with each passing iteration. Sure enough, at the anniversary of shooting, exactly one year since that tragedy, another one happened, that follows the lines from that writing.

On exactly that day, in Belgrade (the capital city of Serbia) ZOO, visitors had a chance to fully feel the wilderness. So again, on April 20th but this time in 2014, conditions for the "incident" were made in a way that can be described only as a perfect storm scenario, played flawlessly step by step from the beginning to the end.

From one side, the EU pressure on Serbia to adopt every single mindless rule is in full swing, ever since the situation in Ukraine went from bad to worse and from the other side, the shallow minded snobs of Belgrade, so called the enlighten ones, delighted by that, opened their sculls for another batch of EU load. In order to prove their pro European dedication and determination, they decided to go one step further in those efforts.

I am not making any sense, am I? Ok, short version, because the long one would take months and months to explain.

Pretty much trough out entire 20th century, Serbia was considered to be a Russian puppet on the Balkans and Serbs in general were considered to be "little Russians" in the minds of Europeans and Americans. However, the truth is somewhat different, as we were not Russian bitches but British. The proof of that lies in the halls of Foreign Office, vividly painted in the mural called "Brittania Pacifatrix". Search for it and search the description of it and things will be a bit clearer. The story behind this geopolitical spin is much deeper and holds great gravity, however I will not go into it now. What is important is that the Belgrade snobs believe that Europeans think of us as "little Russians" and they want so desperately to prove otherwise. So in order to prove themselves that they are not little Russians, they over react in everything. The breakup of Yugoslavia and the civil war and whole that mess is another topic, which again is not the point of this text, however the legacy of the 90es created a powerful drive in the snobs minds, making them to act and behave more European than Europeans themselves. This doesn't mean that I think that Europeans and Western values in general are not good, but what I am trying to say is that those values come from practices that were made trough centuries, that they come from European historical experience. We don't have that experience as we were enslaved by Ottoman Empire and were kept in the dark while Europe was gathering that experience.Once we started to free ourselves from the Ottoman Empire, a vacuum was created and efforts to build up systems and rules based on our own experience were rejected and instead of them European practices were adopted. This discrepancy between our own experience aka our reality and the adopted experience aka the fantasy, created the snob culture in every city in Serbia whom rejects everything domestic and indigenous and gobbles up on every foreign influence without taking into consideration is it good or bad.
In other words, you can translate and copy any European law and make it Serbian law, but that law is useless because people do not understand its meaning and that law than becomes damaging and turns into a problem instead of solution. Animal rights is the perfect example. We adopted the European law that ensures maximum right for the animals and we got explosion of their population and creation of dogcravers whom use that law to propagate dog love and dog supremacy over all other animals. And that is how we come to this incident.

So since it is summer and the flow of tourists is expected to be great, liberal snobs decided to give that extra push in the zoo, aka to make it more liberal than any EU liberal zoo.  They hired the volunteers that were tasked to walk the wolves on a leash and allow visitors closest possible encounter with the wilderness. However, since all volunteers are dogcravers and believe that the entire world should bow down to a doggie, the result is this:

just click the play buttion

Now, the kid is ok, if we count out the minor injury and emotional trauma, however the zoo is sued and faces a hefty fine for this.

However, the comments about it, the comments were priceless, I mean, really, truly the pure dogcraver gold.
Firstly, the director of the Zoo, in a hearing said that the wolf is innocent because it didn't had a intention to eat the girl. The proof of its innocence is that the girl is alive, if it wanted to eat the girl it would do so but since it didn't ate the child, that means that it is innocent. After reading these lines, my jaw was paralyzed for 10 minutes from laughter. Than another statement was issued, regarding the basket as a safety measure for the wolves. He said that no one could put the basket on the wolf's muzzle and that we all should believe that that is true because he knows the wolves. So we all should know what he thinks, because he loves wolves. Too bad that the 2 year old girl was lacking ability to connect with his mind and the mind of the wolf, so it is her fault for walking near the wolf. Also it is her fault for not being able to see the difference between wolf and a dog. But at the end, I wanted to throw this man and the volunteer in the lion cage, because in the third statement he said that this case is overblown, because the girl got only few scratches. Big deal.

The pathology of the other dogcravers that are supporting the wolf follows these lines.