Saturday, April 20, 2013

At the point blank range : Anatomy of the murder

How much does it takes for the obvious to became obvious? This ridiculous question, reflects the full scale of the pit, in which we all, collectively, are in. Some of us wont admit it, others will find excuses for being in a pit, no matter how insane they will sound. Fundamental question is why we are in a pit? Was it intentional or was it unintentional? Was it our choice or we were thrown in it?

In Serbia, on April 9th, 14 people were shot at point blank range, including 2 year old boy,in a bloodiest killing spree in our history. A 60 year old man, suffering from PTSD took his legally owned hand gun and went from door to door , shooting people in his village. Upon police arrival, he shoot himself in the head. He succumb to his wounds few days later.

That same week, was the week when, after almost four years of chasing by the same dog, my stray cat was killed by that same dog. Now, how do these events correlate with each other? How one small death can hold the same gravity as the mass murder?

It can because these acts of violence have the same source and the source is neglect.

Lack of care for the war veterans in Serbia is a common practice. They are neglected, abandoned and often engaged in civil law suits against the state, as they fight for the compensation for the services rendered. Trough the carefully executed spin, the blame for the war, together with all the horrors it creates, was transferred from the politicians that created conditions for war, to the people in the armed forces, who's sense of patriotism and duty was abused by the politicians, which pushed them into the meat grinder and in the final act, made them pay for the mess they created in order to stay in power.

Stripped down of all dignity and painted with blame for the war and the defeat, neglected and rejected, this man, in the final attempt to save his dignity, committed a horrific crime. As he was manipulated than, to go to war, he was manipulated again, to take the blame that he is the main cause for the war and the defeat. Then he was labeled as a war criminal, simply because he went to war (don't mind the fact that he was called by the state,trough draft ). So after all this pressure he accepted the image that he is a failure and the criminal and he did what failures and criminals do. He punished the society that denied him, by committing a crime and than, in the final act, in order to prove to himself and to the others that he is not a failure, that he is worthy, that he is capable, that he is not afraid, that he still have a dignity, placed the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, delivering the justice. It was his way of saying that he understood that he was duped.

However, he was tricked again, because he did exactly what the society wanted of him, he nullified his existence. He was guided to his self destruction by the society, because he was the proof of bad choices,an unwanted witness, made by the society, society that would rather sweep under the rug the consequences of those bad choices than to face them. That is why he was taken out.

He was taken out in order to make room for my dogcraver.

My dogcraver is modern, civilized, he loves animals and he has a dog. That dog kills all animals it can find, but that is OK because it is natural and he loves and respects the nature. His love of nature comes in a form of death dealing. He loves nature, that is why he brings the nature to the city, to make it more humane and green. Somewhere along the way, his colors got mixed up and instead of painting the the city green, shades of brown come form his dog rectum and red blood drips from his dog's mouth as it drools over dead cat's body. But it is natural, civilized and enlighten. Just as it is advertized by the mass media which produces photo shopped photos of cats and dogs hugging each other or mindlessly expensive computer generated images that portray cats as evil force with an agenda to rule the world and heroic secret dog service that fights them. All that is done in order to hide the fact that their dog has just turned the kitten into lifeless pile of meat and bones. But it is good thing, because kitty Galore wanted to enslave the planet and the dog stopped it in the name of freedom.

Better try obedience and submission.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Media brain washing

Even man of steel loves dogs,

Cats and dogs, Cats and dogs 2: Revenge of kitty Galore.The proper way to waste computing power on CGI's that portray the dogcraver deranged fantasies.

Beethoven 1,2,3,4,5,6. Family comedy about dog that per month eats, as much as one third world village. Somehow I don't find this amusing at all.

But to keep the list short it all comes down to this:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Тhe death dealer strikes again.

Two weeks ago, I got a full time job, working as a lead designer at the newly formed mobile-game development studio. I wake up at 6 AM, do the usual morning routine and at the 9AM I am at the studio working until 6 PM. We work all week including Saturday, except we work usually till 1 or 3 PM. It is the dream come true job, very creative,fun but also very mentally demanding and time consuming so that, after working hours are over, I return home pretty much as a zombie.

It doesn't bother me, it comes with the job and I am more than willing to pay the price, simply because I don't want to have a crappy job, where the first thing that I do when I wake up, is to send to hell all my coworkers that I will met that day. I already live in a crappy country and lead a crappy life, so having a crappy job would be just too much crap.

However, this quantum of solace, this enclave of happiness and joy, was shuttered yesterday when I learned that stray cat that I loved so much, was torn to pieces by the death dealer Gustav and newly bought polar monstrosity, the hysterical husky. The fact that the cat was dismembered on the day I got the job was another blow but the coup de grace came when I learned how she died. She died while defending her five kittens, five kittens that are one month old.

After learning that, my creativity flew straight through the window.

Yesterday I was in a daze and on the verge of complete mental breakdown. Lying in my bed, grief gripped me tight and instead creating new assets for the game, I was looking at the sealing until I fell a sleep.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring blossom

A tragic end for the brownie. Multiple squishing and smudging caused its demise. But, it is the proof that dogcravers actually give a shit.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Gustav the killer with his side kick, seconds before it will be unleashed. Stray pit bull in heat and the young mother with a baby. Triangle of circumstances that make my everyday life miserable with each passing second.
Feral stray pit bull in front of my window and it is in heat. The first one to get the prize was the mega killer, German shepherd Gustav, the infamous cat killer, which tried to jump on the pit bull. But the owner didn't let him to get the job done. At the moment when this picture was taken, there were at least 10 kids on the playground and three elder women. After I called the animal control, they said that they will, most probably come today or tomorrow. I couldn't stop my self from laughing.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Goldenshower mystique

For the past two months, my family was greeted on daily basis, with the fresh pool of pure gold  in front of our apartment. At first, we thought that it couldn't be what we all knew that it was, so we decided to do a bit of snooping, in order to discover the mystery irrigator. Two weeks into our investigation, we were still at the begging. However, other clues started to appear, mostly in the form of our old brownie friends, conveniently clumped into piles in front of the building entrance. The freshness of these goodies, clearly indicated that the urine phantom lives in our building. But who exactly was the stealthy pisser? Was it the hysterical husky from the pent house? Or was it the fury love, the Alice in chains, the dog that is walked on two leashes, one that goes around its neck and two that go around its chest. Maybe it was the newly bought setter, proudly owned by the architect family on the fourth floor. Mystery continued to this day, when it was revealed by my mother's friend, the nutjob that feeds the graveyard puppies.

She proudly stated, that she would never allow her dog to do anything bad and that her househusband always cleans the piss that her dog unloads in front of our door. Ah, that is why, after two months, the gold puddles disappeared, I thought that it was the drought. I feel much better now, knowing that we have such a responsible dog owners in our building.

As she was talking about it, I instantly pictured myself in front of her door, taking a dump and than after a year, telling her that I need to unload my bowels on her doorstep and proudly stating that I am civilized enough to use the toilet paper after I am done. Of course I kept my thoughts for myself and just smiled.

If they were not so deadly and degrading in every possible shape or form, the dogcravers would be funny. I mean, imagine the 911 call and the hysterical voice on the other side saying : "My babies just rip each other to pieces and they are dying!!!". If I was the dispatcher, my question would be " Excuse me mam, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ? ", then I would call the nearest air force base and requested an airstrike.

Preferably with napalm.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One narcissistic announcement

Raising this subject to the level of politics and agendas was just a matter of time and from now on things will only get more complicated. They will get complicated for two reasons. The first reason is the simple fact that the English is my second language, so what I write might not be understandable to many. Even worse, it might be misunderstood as well. Second reason is far more complicated, because it calls into question the very pillars of the modern world and it challenges the consensus trance, the bubble of reality, in which developed world exists. Also, I want to add that, very soon I will touch some pretty sensitive subjects, mainly the women rights, after which I am sure, that this blog will lose much of its female readership. This is not my attention and therefore,in advance, I would like to apologize to all whom might find the future writings to be sexist and chauvinistic.

So without further due, and if you are still willing to follow this blog, strap on, because it is going get ugly from here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The damage being done

So...The dog story is the political agenda. It is a trend that is deliberately propagated and upheld for a reason. However, it is not only limited to the,as my favorite maniac likes to call it “Eurasia”, yet it is global. Simple fact that the same (negative) things are happening in different places, but in the same time, indicate that this trend is a global trend. The fact that the same problems with dogs and the dogcravers exist in the developed world (so called 1st world countries) and in the undeveloped, although I would rather call them miss-developed countries (so called 3rd world countries) and that the responses from the justice system and the law enforcement are equally impotent and bizarre, regardless of the country, speaks even more on the behalf of the fact that we are dealing, with the global trend to nullify all the social contracts up on which the modern state is based on. Thus nullifying the state existence in the process. So all in all, I think that this strife for more liberalization and pushing the civil liberties and human rights, has effectively lead to the fact- that no one has any rights anymore.

The same paradox goes with the freedom of speech. In the totalitarian dictatorships freedom of speech is forbidden and there are things you can say and things that you cant. Main reason for that is to suppress the alternatives (in thinking, in doing things) to the ruling regime. So since there are no alternatives,other than the ruling regime, there is no competition and the safety of the regime is assured. However, in countries where the freedom of speech is allowed, same thing happens, but from the other end. Since everyone is allowed to talk freely, that creates a cacophony where, since everyone talks, no one can be heard, since the voice is simply lost in all that noise of other voices. This actually means that the supposedly free societies are actually the most totalitarian ones.

Now, would this mean that I am against freedom of speech and human rights? No. I am for the freedom of speech but under one condition- everyone should be allowed to speak but only if they have something INTELLIGENT and CONSTRUCTIVE to say. Otherwise you will get a hectic blabbering that makes no sense and that is precisely what is going on today. Same goes for the human rights. People are allowed to act as they want to pursue their life goals, but only if their life goals are beneficial for them AND the others. Again, if people are allowed to pursue their life goals without these guides, that leads chaos and conflict situations. I mean, what is the life goal of a pedophile? To be life time employe in the kindergarten. Shall we allow that, in the name of freedom and human rights? Or do you think that cannibals deserve the same rights as others? Why not, they are the humans with special needs, lets let them open their restaurants in the name of freedoms and rights. You can go to their restaurant and eat for free, cause you are a customer and a main dish in the same time.

I believe that we are on the right track to accomplish just that with the deregulation of everything in the name of freedom. Freedom to the point of idiocracy where no one will be responsible for anything. If some company builds a bridge made out of toothpicks, cause it is economical, profitable and lets not forget the liberal free market mantra, “INNOVATIVE” ( I want to scream when I hear the word innovative, cause it is the biggest hoax of all times) design, the minute when the bridge opens and collapses with the first car that attempts to cross it, lets not blame the engineers and the company. It is not their fault. Its gravity's fault. The cars were to heavy, we need to change the cars. The bridge itself was fine until it was opened, so don't blame the design of the bridge. It is a proven construction.

So the answer to the question of how many people lives must be destroyed and lost, in order for the dog ownership to become properly regulated, doesn't exist, because this question is actually a wrong question. It is wrong cause it addresses the wrong subject. Let me try to explain as vividly as possible. Back to the bridge story.

When a company decides to build a bridge, in the process of its construction, engineers have to calculate all the factors that can impact the bridge. They need to calculate those factors, because in essence those factors are opposing to the bridge's existence. The gravity wants to bring it down, the river wants to bring it down, the winds want to bring it down, the earthquakes want to bring it down, the rust wants to bring it down, the traffic wants to bring it down...No one questions the gravity, the river flow and the hydro-mechanical forces it creates, wind forces, traffic loads, corrosion process. They are known, recognized and they are COUNTERED trough the engineering process. The result of good engineering is the result of good countering to these factors, cause as the result of countering to these factors, the bridge EXISTS as an useful object.

But with dogs, the very nature of the dog is questioned. The only true fact that defines the dog is the first one that is neglected and that fact is that the dog is a mutant carnivore animal, created by humans to full fill specific human needs and tasks. The fact that it is a carnivore animal is more than enough to call for strict regulation, because as a carnivore animal it needs the meat to eat , in order to survive and since humans are made out of meat, that places humans directly on the dog's menu. So in order to protect the humans, because they are made out of meat that dogs eat, the dog ownership must be regulated. Moreover, the desire to have a carnivore animal that can eat you, as a pet, is a irrational and auto destructive desire in the first place, and this fact calls for even more regulation of humans whom crave this kind of relationship. Because in essence it is INSANE and DESTRUCTIVE (both self destructive and just plain destructive).

Yet everything opposite is happening. The insanity of this relationship is elevated to the highest heights. It became a VALUE. Why? Simply because the people with a death wish that they express trough the dog ownership, need endless assurance that they are not mentally ill. It is the logical step after they accepted the proto-lie, which is that dog is not a danger, so since the dog is not a danger, they decided to have it. As soon as they got the dog, they became a symbiotic organism- the dogcraver. However, other people, whom are mentally fit, don't need a dog, see them as two separate entities, they see an animal and human and they recognize the animal as a carnivore animal and therefore as a threat and react to it. However, the dogcravers, since they are symbiotic organism, see the need for conditioning the dog's behavior as the attempt to condition their behavior aka to take away their freedom, so automatically the sane people are now a threat, cause they want to take away their freedom.

And they protests.

This is how the question of conditioning the behavior of one carnivore animal gets elevated to the human rights and freedoms level. Trough the perversion of the dogcraver's mind. But since the law and the legislative system doesn't recognize this, because it treats all humans as equal and it treats them because it is a fair thing to do (just if you want), by equalizing the dogcraver and the human and by treating them as the same, the law, seen here as some sort of “organism”, “ingests” them both (starts to process their cases). However, the dogcraver, since it is a symbiotic organism and a aggressive one, eats the law from the inside, once when it is in the system aka when it is "ingested". As the time goes by, the justice system gets weaker while the dogcraver gets stronger. All that is left at the end is an empty shell of a system. That is why the actions aimed to regulate the dog ownership are so impotent and ineffective.

The dogcravers are “infected” organisms, with the disease that is not been recognized by the medical profession and therefore, since they are treated as healthy, their disease was allowed to infect the entire society. This process has been left untreated for so many years, that at the end, the number of infected was so great that the healthy ones became recognized as infected.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tyranny of tolerance

Sometimes I wonder if this whole bizarre ordeal with dogs has some deeper and therefore more sinister meaning. If you like conspiracy theories, you will love this one.

During the heights of the demise of four kittens, last year, I came in contact with the official dogcraver on facebook. Every time I had conversations with her, I wanted to tell her the truth, what I think of her, that she is petrified almost good looking young woman, whom lives alone and has two mentally disturbed brothers as neighbours, and that her love for dogs and her monster pet pack that she has in her place, is nothing more than a projected fear of being raped by her neighbours. But I've held my horses tight, and respected her situation, although I had to deal with the absolute avalanche of dog bullshit mantra that she threw at me every single time when we had a conversation.

However, trough her, I was able to find the E.S.D.A.W.

ESDAW stands for European Society for Dog and Animal Welfare. This organisation got my attention right away and I started to study them. It didn't take me long to realise that I've actually hit the jack pot. This organisation is THE MOTHERSHIP of all organisations that are active in my part of “Eurasia”.

When you click on the “About us” button, you will be taken into the belly of the beast. There is usual mantra about humanity and care, then there is a funny statement about the mission (there is always A MISSION) and then the fun begins. The thing that is so wonderful about ESDAW is how bluntly honest they are, in their effort of promoting the craver's agenda ( there shall be no pet animal than dogs and all shall love them and be their slaves). Let's begin from the title, European Society for Dog and Animal Welfare.

First question is: why the Dog and Animal Welfare? Isn't the dog an animal also? Why separate dogs from other animals if all animals matter? Well, it appears that ESDAW policy thinks that dogs are somehow different and special, that they are a bit more equal than other animals. Umm, fat chance.

Actually, the ESDAW clearly states, in their title, that the dogs are NOT animals, yet that they are something else. Something else that is ABOVE animals, since the dogs go before animals (dogs and animals from the title). So according to their beliefs, the dog is an uber animal which I found to be a bit slightly racial supremacy context, coated in the sweet animal story. An animal Nazism.

As you go trough the “mission” text, fun things start to appear. Their area of operations is EU and Europe. EU and Europe? Aren't those two the same, I mean European Union and Europe? How many Europas exist on this planet, 1,3,18?

Of course this bogus statement actually sheds the light on their real agenda, which is to spread the “eternal light of dog shit” onto all surrounding countries that are planned to be in the European Union, in the Great chess board game, written by the God of western geopolitics, Zbigniew Brzezinski. You will find this man fingerprint, behind every single major political event in the world from the Carter era till this day.

Personally for me, Zbigniew is a deranged maniac and the classical example of 19th century logic, that revolves around imperial context, commonly known as “ fortress under siege”. In this context, the world is divided into two parts, one behind the walls of mighty fortress and the one outside the walls. Everything that is within the walls of fortress is valuable, meaningful and civilised, it should be upheld and honoured and everything outside the fort walls is a hostile wilderness, full of barbarians and beasts whom seek to bring down the fortress. And it is worthless, and therefore the fortress has every right to conquer and exterminate it. It has duty to bring order to the bad lands populated by lesser forms of life. That is its mission.

So trough this bogus statement on the ESDAW site, it is quite clear that ESDAW is a political project and it has deeper agenda behind it. The question is, what they want? What connection exists between dogcravers and mystical imperialism of the 19th century?

Well, depending how deep you want to go, the answers are pretty much self explanatory.

The bond between dogcraver and the dog is driven by pure mental pathology. But aside from that, that relationship is a master and servant type of relationship, defined by mutual dependency of its participants. So, the first rational question that arises out of this is, why would European Union promote this kind of relationship, that is based on master and servant principles? When this type of relationship is in essence undemocratic. If the European Union stands for freedom and democracy, why it promotes the dependant relationship? It doesn't make any sense. Oh, but it does. It does because in this case EU is the master and the Europe is the servant, meaning that all nations that want to join the EU must be obedient to its master's voice. And the way how it is done is trough promoting awareness of animal rights. Promoting awareness is actually a synonym for paying attention and attention is THE thing that the dogcravers crave the most. So by creating aware citizens in those nations, trough promotion of animal rights, you are actually creating population that is willing to do what ever you want, aka you are creating pro European movement. So if I say that dogcravers are narcissistic ego maniacs, that project their internal insecurity onto the outside world trough dog, making the dog inverted image of that weakness, aka the dog is strong and fierce and he is the protector of me, me whom is vulnerable and fragile, I am automatically seen as anti European and isolated (neutralised from the mainstream or any public discussion). Also in the light of “fort under siege”philosophy, I am barbarian that needs to be destroyed since my barbaric ways are automatically seen as attack on fort's walls, that protect everlasting good.

So the thing that fort is asking of me is to be tolerant.

Unfortunately, being tolerant in this sense, means that I should not care for the things that dogcravers do. Being tolerant means that I shouldn't stop them in their lifestyle, that I shouldn't judge them and under no circumstances I should confront them with their crimes. I shouldn't protest when they kill a cat or kitten, when they kill a child or grown human being, when they bite me, when they deprive me of sleep, when they take every joy from my life. When they degrade the public space with their crap. When they defile a graveyard.

Let's cut this bullshit right now, because being tolerant means that I have to cancel my self as human being. To put it as bluntly as possible- what is required of me is to commit suicide, in the name of tolerance and civilisation.

This process of constantly pushing for even more rights and liberties, has lead to another extreme, equally destructive as any other rigid totalitarian regime. What has happened actually, by my humble opinion, was that, in the effort to liberalise the society and achieve higher freedom standards for its population, those societies simply went on to cancel the state itself. They became so liberal up to the point of demeaning the very notion of the state. So once the state disappeared, all the “contracts” up on which it was formed, disappeared as well. It was no longer possible to form a coherent consensus about anything, how that society should behave, what are the common norms, values and morals. Everything became individual and prone to subjective judgement. Up on this new ethos, where there is no common ground up on which consensus could be formed, various groups were formed to protect their beliefs and value systems. The logical consequence of this state, is that, since there is no common consensus, yet there are many opposing consensuses, those consensuses come in conflict with each other. So instead of achieving harmony in the society, this situation created an everlasting conflict situation, kind of permanent low intensity conflict within the society itself. 
This situation, where you have constant struggle and constant fight is unbearable state of living. The fact that you are constantly living in fear that something can come out of nowhere and with its jaws and claws, destroy everything that you hold dear, including your own life is so degrading and so demeaning that it inflicts a permanent damage, both on the individual or/and the society. Cause in essence, the society doesn't exist as a whole and therefore the common norms and morals doesn't exist either.There are no common good in this.

This society is equally brutal and chaotic as the nature itself, and it is governed by one law only- the survival of the fittest.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Necroculture

These climate changed seasons really drive me nuts. And they drive me nuts, because the weather is nice and when ever the weather is nice, the dogcravers feel the urge to destroy it. Just as I thought that the recent increase in prices will eat away cash for a new puppy (God forbid, giving that extra money to some donation, charity, invest in something or simply saving it for the rainy days), the early spring messed me up, totally. Now there is even more dogs!!! Let's introduce the new additions.

There is a shit load of slipper sized dogs, that yap all day long, with their cute little sweaters and even cuter shoes. Their owners are mostly fancy girls, that came from the provincial towns and want to get “urbanized” in an instant, so the first thing that they saw on the cable TV was a little doggie that looks like a toy. The unforgettable and unavoidable chihuahuas and pinchers are also present in considerable numbers.

Then there are epileptic french puddles, that simply beg to get converted into 2D by a car, as the owners let them go off the leash (I mean, we all know by now that walking dog on a leash is a sign of oppression, abuse and brutality).

In the heavyweight category, there was something that was brought as a cub, but while it was a cub it was a size of the teenage grizzly. But than when it grew up, it turned to be a mountain shepherd dog. From which mountain, that is not certain yet, since this beast can easily take on Yeti, Sasquatch and Big foot. I am guessing that when it is fully grown, it will have the ability to eat the Moon. And the owner falls into the redneck/highlander type so, yeah, the fun is guarantied.

Also there are some polar friends, like two huskies alongside with a cute little kid with even cuter baby pit bull. Yep, you heard me right, 10 year old kid is “walking” a pit bull. For me, that is the same as giving a 10 year old kid a fully loaded sub machine gun. This kid, being a kid, actually amazed me the most. You can see on his face, that craver's glow of happiness. The kid feels so superior and is convinced that he will be respected among other kids. And if they don't do it, well.... you can bet that another “incident” will happen.

What amazes me the most, is the lack of reaction. The whole society is absolutely paralyzed and it can't distinguish the dangers that this situation represents. No one is protesting, no one is raising alarms...nothing, nada, zip, zero. Nobody cares nor citizens nor the state.

Unfortunately, my own kin has fell under the influence of totalitarianism of tolerance (this will be the next subject, where I will explain how liberal ideas and human rights actually destroy human society and the state). Some time ago, my mother all together with her neighbor went to the graveyard to feed 10 (ten) puppies, whom live in a wrecked grave. I was deeply disturbed with this event and tried to explain how deeply damaging that is, on all levels. From the moral perspective (the respect for the dead and the living), from the medical/biological perspective ( the chance of contracting some nasty disease), from the social perspective (making the society care for the stray dogs, upholds irresponsible ownership, because carvers are now assured that they can “socialise” their reckless behavior by transferring the care to the society instead being punished for abandoning their dogs) and public safety (cause those dogs will grow up and ten stray dogs is more than enough to kill or harm human being, let a lone be mind bogglingly annoying with their barking, shitting and mauling of other animals, not to mention the degradation of urban living standards and destroying civilized forms of behavior.).

But to no avail.

Those puppies are in danger and they must be helped. At what cost, I asked her? The response was as expected :" I am cruel, heartless idiot whom doesn't live in reality and doesn't love animals and therefore humans."

It was clear to me that any attempt for me to make a point is futile. The thing that I know now, is that 10 puppies form the grave will grow up to be full fledged beasts in a two years and I better be ready for them when they come.

As I said before, the problems with dogs are sure fire sign that the society is dead and that the process of its decomposition is well underway. That society is a necroculture, the culture that devours its own values and beliefs, the very ones that once, were sacred and nurtured, celebrated and upheld.

So valuable that they were protected at all costs and worthy to die for.