Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One narcissistic announcement

Raising this subject to the level of politics and agendas was just a matter of time and from now on things will only get more complicated. They will get complicated for two reasons. The first reason is the simple fact that the English is my second language, so what I write might not be understandable to many. Even worse, it might be misunderstood as well. Second reason is far more complicated, because it calls into question the very pillars of the modern world and it challenges the consensus trance, the bubble of reality, in which developed world exists. Also, I want to add that, very soon I will touch some pretty sensitive subjects, mainly the women rights, after which I am sure, that this blog will lose much of its female readership. This is not my attention and therefore,in advance, I would like to apologize to all whom might find the future writings to be sexist and chauvinistic.

So without further due, and if you are still willing to follow this blog, strap on, because it is going get ugly from here.


  1. welcome back professor. i see you have been very busy. i will be back to follow the ugliness and catch up on the last 3 blog posts.

  2. thanks for the warning... though I must say, a pity. I really enjoy your work on the pitbull issue. But I've had enough abuse for one lifetime, and I'm not going to deny that I am sensitive about it. I won't willingly throw myself into a realm which I find emotionally flogging, so with this, I bid you adieu (on future posts, anyway, I'm still combing and enjoying your archives, I'm sure I still have a comment or two left in me about those; I think you're fantastically clever!)

    1. Oh no Jenny, the announcement has nothing to do with woman rights, it has to do with biology and anthropology that functions beneath conscientious level, heck even below sexual level. It deals with humans and sexes at the being level.