Saturday, April 20, 2013

At the point blank range : Anatomy of the murder

How much does it takes for the obvious to became obvious? This ridiculous question, reflects the full scale of the pit, in which we all, collectively, are in. Some of us wont admit it, others will find excuses for being in a pit, no matter how insane they will sound. Fundamental question is why we are in a pit? Was it intentional or was it unintentional? Was it our choice or we were thrown in it?

In Serbia, on April 9th, 14 people were shot at point blank range, including 2 year old boy,in a bloodiest killing spree in our history. A 60 year old man, suffering from PTSD took his legally owned hand gun and went from door to door , shooting people in his village. Upon police arrival, he shoot himself in the head. He succumb to his wounds few days later.

That same week, was the week when, after almost four years of chasing by the same dog, my stray cat was killed by that same dog. Now, how do these events correlate with each other? How one small death can hold the same gravity as the mass murder?

It can because these acts of violence have the same source and the source is neglect.

Lack of care for the war veterans in Serbia is a common practice. They are neglected, abandoned and often engaged in civil law suits against the state, as they fight for the compensation for the services rendered. Trough the carefully executed spin, the blame for the war, together with all the horrors it creates, was transferred from the politicians that created conditions for war, to the people in the armed forces, who's sense of patriotism and duty was abused by the politicians, which pushed them into the meat grinder and in the final act, made them pay for the mess they created in order to stay in power.

Stripped down of all dignity and painted with blame for the war and the defeat, neglected and rejected, this man, in the final attempt to save his dignity, committed a horrific crime. As he was manipulated than, to go to war, he was manipulated again, to take the blame that he is the main cause for the war and the defeat. Then he was labeled as a war criminal, simply because he went to war (don't mind the fact that he was called by the state,trough draft ). So after all this pressure he accepted the image that he is a failure and the criminal and he did what failures and criminals do. He punished the society that denied him, by committing a crime and than, in the final act, in order to prove to himself and to the others that he is not a failure, that he is worthy, that he is capable, that he is not afraid, that he still have a dignity, placed the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, delivering the justice. It was his way of saying that he understood that he was duped.

However, he was tricked again, because he did exactly what the society wanted of him, he nullified his existence. He was guided to his self destruction by the society, because he was the proof of bad choices,an unwanted witness, made by the society, society that would rather sweep under the rug the consequences of those bad choices than to face them. That is why he was taken out.

He was taken out in order to make room for my dogcraver.

My dogcraver is modern, civilized, he loves animals and he has a dog. That dog kills all animals it can find, but that is OK because it is natural and he loves and respects the nature. His love of nature comes in a form of death dealing. He loves nature, that is why he brings the nature to the city, to make it more humane and green. Somewhere along the way, his colors got mixed up and instead of painting the the city green, shades of brown come form his dog rectum and red blood drips from his dog's mouth as it drools over dead cat's body. But it is natural, civilized and enlighten. Just as it is advertized by the mass media which produces photo shopped photos of cats and dogs hugging each other or mindlessly expensive computer generated images that portray cats as evil force with an agenda to rule the world and heroic secret dog service that fights them. All that is done in order to hide the fact that their dog has just turned the kitten into lifeless pile of meat and bones. But it is good thing, because kitty Galore wanted to enslave the planet and the dog stopped it in the name of freedom.

Better try obedience and submission.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Media brain washing

Even man of steel loves dogs,

Cats and dogs, Cats and dogs 2: Revenge of kitty Galore.The proper way to waste computing power on CGI's that portray the dogcraver deranged fantasies.

Beethoven 1,2,3,4,5,6. Family comedy about dog that per month eats, as much as one third world village. Somehow I don't find this amusing at all.

But to keep the list short it all comes down to this:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Тhe death dealer strikes again.

Two weeks ago, I got a full time job, working as a lead designer at the newly formed mobile-game development studio. I wake up at 6 AM, do the usual morning routine and at the 9AM I am at the studio working until 6 PM. We work all week including Saturday, except we work usually till 1 or 3 PM. It is the dream come true job, very creative,fun but also very mentally demanding and time consuming so that, after working hours are over, I return home pretty much as a zombie.

It doesn't bother me, it comes with the job and I am more than willing to pay the price, simply because I don't want to have a crappy job, where the first thing that I do when I wake up, is to send to hell all my coworkers that I will met that day. I already live in a crappy country and lead a crappy life, so having a crappy job would be just too much crap.

However, this quantum of solace, this enclave of happiness and joy, was shuttered yesterday when I learned that stray cat that I loved so much, was torn to pieces by the death dealer Gustav and newly bought polar monstrosity, the hysterical husky. The fact that the cat was dismembered on the day I got the job was another blow but the coup de grace came when I learned how she died. She died while defending her five kittens, five kittens that are one month old.

After learning that, my creativity flew straight through the window.

Yesterday I was in a daze and on the verge of complete mental breakdown. Lying in my bed, grief gripped me tight and instead creating new assets for the game, I was looking at the sealing until I fell a sleep.