Sunday, November 4, 2012

Down the rabbit hole

Ah, the joy of work…
The life of a freelancer has its benefits but also it has its shortcomings, so I guess that there is no point for me to brag about the most recent job. I am sorry for the pause, but the latest gig took me by surprise and it literary made me lose the track of time, which created the gap in my blogging. But, that is over now, so I am back and ready to roll.
What has happen since my last blog? Well, not much, except that the number of owners in my neighborhood rose so now the usual contingent is reinforced with smaller but equally annoying doggies and irresponsible (can it be otherwise?) owners. However these new additions are not pure breed, yet rescued ones but for the cats, that really doesn’t matter, because they are all walked off the leash, as humane practice and elevated 21st century eco- green-spiritual and in sync with the nature, thinking advocates. Never mind the body count…its natural.
Sigh, the craver stays the craver no matter what and where.
On the wider plane, some interesting things had happen. For example, there were two mass fish poisoning here, in which indigenous fish species were reduced to near extinction level. Yet, no one protested, made statement, press conference or anything like that. Not even the NGO sector, which is supposed to keep a watchful eye over the animals. Instead they organized the competition for the best looking stray dogs that got adopted. Yay…The event was sponsored by the fancy doggie food manufacturer, because we all know that the man’s best friend deserves only the best. Here is the link, it’s in Serbian but picture is worth a 1000 words and you will see what I mean, You will also see that this organization receives the money form the USAID for its efforts, so I think that US tax payers should know where their tax dollars go and how they are spent. And the money is spent on the promotion of doggie bonanza, overpriced marketing campaigns, billboards and posters and zero actual work on the animal and environmental protection. The funniest thing is that they also have the sustainable living banner, so I am guessing that they are getting the money from them too, while all they do is promoting and creating unsustainable living conditions for both animals and humans.
Here is the photo of the dead fish:
The river itself is still poisoned and almost sterilized so with the bird migrations that are currently in progress, the body count is bound to extend to other species. But hey, they are not the dogs, so we don’t care. Wof,wof!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ashes in the snow

A proper song for this reading, to give a little bit of atmo...

In the past two weeks, I was able to perform a small escapist experiment. By pure chance, I've stayed at my grandma house, in the provincial town. The house is practically abandoned since both my grandma and grandpa passed away a long time ago. However it is still a liveable structure, although it lacks internet connection and the electrical wiring begs for replacement.

The town itself, was a quiet little town but with great potential. It is situated beneath a dead volcano so the scenery and geological structures are very dramatic. It also has a bunch of hot springs and mineral waters that are bottled there. The architecture itself, was old, most of the buildings are built around 1920 or so. Unfortunately, the socialistic period brought the infamous socialistic architecture which is, again, the copy of Charles-Édouard Jeanneret also known as Le Corbusier, mental masturbation, style of architecture which is devoid of all sanity and identity. These buildings are actually, gigantic concrete hives, monolithic boxes that have no connection what so ever with their surroundings. In the US these structures are known as the projects and have many iterations out of which the glass cubes in the form of skyscrapers are the latest one. The general idea behind these monstrosities is to strip a nation of its identity, cause at the time when it was conceived, memories of the horror of World War One were still fresh. The national identity and the whole pre world war one history was seen as the main cause for the war itself. So in a way, this new architecture supposed to strip the nation of its history, thus eliminating the cause for future wars. You know, new building types, new cities...the clean slate. However, this idea was quickly subverted and for one reason only-the buildings were simply super ugly.

But, after the second world war ended, this type of architecture found the fertile ground in the war torn Balkans, and quickly the mindless gigantic box shaped hives started to accommodate new inhabitants. To keep the long story short, the hives hatched the most bizarre behaviour, by creating mindless drones and the one of the secrets of communistic endurance lies exactly in the architecture that produces these drones.

Same thing was done to my provincial town, but the lack of money, stopped the development of the hives.

All that changed, once the mineral water plant was privatised and sold out. For the small town, the sudden cash inflow, meant the only “rational” thing in the free market economy-a housing boom. So the mindless boxing returned. Instead to corner off the historical town centre and make it free of traffic, the overbuilding resumed, wrecking out the architectural fabric of the city. The net end result of this sudden avalanche of modernisation was that in the main street all historical buildings are torn down and instead of yards with trees and flowerbeds new shopping centres and malls were built. The entire city was transformed into the giant shopping mall. And then the sprawl continued towards my neighbourhood. Villas with yards were torn down and replaced with the, slightly scaled down copies of the hives. Those copies were smaller but equally ugly and dehumanising. The yards were paved over with concrete, trees and greenery disappeared and with it the temperature and the noise lever rose.

In order to fill up the void that was created by this, our old friends were brought in. The dogs, the big ones. So the once quiet neighbourhood was transformed into a concrete hive and as the icing on the top of the cake, the noise from the endless barking now echoes between walls of those modernistic structures.

Up on my return to the capital city, I've learned that the stray cat that was living underneath my window, lost all four kittens, due to cars and dog attacks, and that cat colony at the building across mine was destroyed by the new owner with the German shepherd. So instead of one killer now I have two. 

The destruction is complete and once again, points out at the fact that in every process of destruction, dog is always a necessary companion.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


One of the worst things that happen to me, during my military deployment, was the expectation. You get your orders to go, you know that someone is out there,waiting to kill you and you have to go. The actual shoot out when it happens is a breeze cause you are engaged, adrenaline is pumping and you are nothing more than a well trained animal. Fear and stress come afterwards.

Problem with me is that after the war ended, I am living in that expectation my entire post war life. The expectation that I will be bitten, that I will not be able to sleep, that someone from my family might get bitten. But also cats that I love so much are in constant fear for their lives and I live in a constant expectation that that moment will come where all I could do is to helplessly watch how it gets torn to bits, cause the humane dog (animal) protection law prohibits me to intervene in any case. It is not that I can't do it but the legal consequences are far to grave. Just yesterday a cat was mauled close to my window,AGAIN, by the same dog that has been terrorising the cats for the past seven years. It already racked up 10 of them. The dogcraver doesn't give a shit, as usual, he doesn't have that kind of problem and he is doing this every night for the past seven years at 8pm and 11pm.

Until one day, I've lost my nerve and showed up on my window, by the same time as his dog was chasing the cat which managed to climb up the tree and the dog was barking like 10 feet from my window. I showed up with an axe and said :”With this I like to neuter naughty puppies”. From that moment the dogcraver became aware that his dog might get killed and he started to pay attention. However, he described me as the total nutjob and the insane person. Other dogcravers also made comments about my state of mind. One of those comments is the standard victim-criminal switch, where I am the villain and he is the good guy. But other comment is even more interesting, though.
They all are bothered about the fact that I am protesting for something that is not happening within my apartment aka my own property. The fact that the sound that their dogs are making is violating my property is irrelevant. The fact that they are breaking the animal protection act in front of me is irrelevant. The fact that they are doing this for the past 7 years is irrelevant. I do agree,however, that a man standing with an axe at the window is scary. But not for a second did they ever thought that they are the cause for that. That they are the reason for me holding the axe.

Back to the expectation. The very thought that the dog that can kill you,harm you in the public space, ,for nothing, creates the same expectation that I described at the beginning. And that expectation is what shatters lives. Cause it is unbearable setting to live in. It is unbearable to expect to be be bitten and eaten by the beast in the urban setting. It is bearable to know, that there is a criminal, that there is a mugger, that there is a sex offender but now on top of all that you have jaws.

What is the point of the law, of the law enforcement, what is the point of the government when they all are failing on the basic presumption that human habitat should be safe from carnivore animals.

I mean, why the fuck did we ever left the caves?

Barbarism of the dog owneship

During the 90'es, I've witnessed the total collapse of the state and the order. The old federation was failing on every basis and the system was disintegrating by each passing day. Not only that the meaning of law has been shattered but also the, unwritten, norms of behaviour. As the conditions of living worsen, people lost much of their humanity or should I say, social sanity. They tend to back down to more basic and therefore primitive setting.

So what has happened during the civil war of the 90'es in the neighbourhoods and in the smaller cities was actually an process of de civilisation or tribalisation of the neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood and its residence became the separate tribe. So each tribe had its own pack that was serving as the protector of that tribe. These tribes actually formed higher form of organisation aka the clans. As the disintegration of the society continued, these clans started to think of a way how to survive in the resource and money scarce environment and they turned to criminal activity. Now by the very definition, the criminal activity exists as such only if the law exist. If there is no law there is no criminal activity.

What happen next, was the logical step that every tribe and every clan had its own rules, that are sometimes perceived as mutually beneficial but sometimes they were cause for conflict. This lead to the explosion of violence in the series of gang wars fought for supremacy over the territory and population. Or to put it simply, for the market.

However, the problem with this course of events, lies in the very nature of the law generation process. The civilised way to do it is to give everyone equal rights to live and to prosper, but in the case of barbaric way the goal is to protect own personal interest from the others, by conditioning the behaviour of the others to be powerless and thus dependant on barbarian. It is not so the matter of choice, if you are not with us you are against us, it is more an request, either you are with us or you don't exist at all.

The role of the dog in this setting is pivotal. The dog can be publicly displayed and thus it enables the person to send the message by creating an image. You don't get the same perception if you see an old woman walking her Beagle and the hooded, tattooed muscle man walking a pit bull. The first impression is that the hood with the pit bull is dangerous while the granny with the beagle is good. However the looks might be deceiving, cause the hood with the pit bull can be an really nice guy and the granny with the beagle can be an serial killer. But the first perception is the one that it counts and that perception states that hood is bad and that granny is good.

This was the primary reason for the explosion of pitbullery in Serbia during the 90'es. A guy that looks like a gangsta and walks his pit bull is the someone you don't want to mess with, you don't want to talk to him, you don't want to look at him. So there was a whole avalanche of these walking billboards that wanted to make an statement that they are bad asses. But since bad ass is essentially an ass, usually when you talk to someone you talk to the head not to the butt.

Since most of those bad asses were actually poor guys that wanted to be seen as rich real gangsta guys, they were seeking ways to make an easy cash. So they started to cash in on their pit bulls. This lead to the emergence of pit bull fighting. It was all fine and dandy until in 1995 in our main boulevard the 4 year old girl didn't lost her face. The pit bulls were banned for one simple reason, it happened in the public place, it was obvious, it was horrific and it couldn't be hidden. So the regime took the swift action and banned the pit bulls. But since the whole regime was based on the perception or image, the pit bull ban was just that, another public relationship stunt. They went illegal and served as the breeding ground and the criminal recruiting operation. The dog fighting became very profitable business and in a sense it is the controlled and conditioned environment where most basic urges and pathology would be satisfied. Kind of a pure alpha male, testosterone furnace, deprived of all cultural and civilisation norms and laws. And as such, in the environment that didn't offered any future what so ever, just an “the eternal present”,that repeats itself in the endless loops, there was no shortage of young, hormonally challenged men, that had no value system to look at,this pseudo barbarism was the only option.
As the regime became more and more isolated from the population the void that was created by this was filled with barbaric practices and barbaric ways. So when it was taken down, the barbarisation took over.

During the 2000-2010 it went trough several stages as it tried to legitimise itself and to become accepted as the normal form of behaviour. But since it can't be cause it is fundamentally opposed to the common good and common interest, everything that it does is nothing more than the pure and total destruction.

So the barbarism of pitbullery spilled over the entire dog ownership and became the norm in the behaviour between dog owners and the public. You will find this in every dog owner/dogcraver regardless if he has a pit bull, golden retriever or a French puddle. The control is rejected by the default, by the default every public space belongs to the dogs and dogcravers, all should bow down before them and all should recognise them as positive and good. No one should ever judge them, because everything they do comes out of love and joy. Everything is justified by the love, endless barking, mauling of cats and smaller dogs, mauling and killing of people, shitting up every single public space, regardless if it is a park, soccer field, river bank or wild nature.

Everything belongs to them and everything is theirs for the taking.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The nature of the beast

Serbian Defence Dog is the perfect example of dog creation and trough it you can see how and why these things come to life, from the imagination to an actual physical entity. So this will be the story of its creation.

This is the official description.
"The Serbian Defence Dog is a re-creation of the old Serbian Mastiff of the Middle Ages, which became extinct during the early 20th century. Initially disregarded as yet another "cocktail" breed, the SDD is today deservedly a well-known and respected guardian in its native Yugoslavia. It was developed by Nenad Gavrilovic, a Bosnian herbalist and medicine man in the early 1980's, but the final standard was written in 1991. Using his domesticated pack of Serbian wolves, working Bosnian Tornjaks, German Rottweilers, Neapolitan Mastiffs, American Staffordshire Terriers and game-bred Pit Bull Terriers, Gavrilovic created a breed of immense physical strength, fantastic guarding instincts and impressive fighting abilities. Even though it wasn't created with the intention of being a gladiator, the Serbian Defense Dog has achieved legendary status in the dog-fighting circles for being an undefeatable canine warrior. Initial stock was indeed tested in a traditional method of matching potential stud dogs against a number of breeds, but once the bravest and strongest examples were selected for further breeding, no further competitions were held. However, the notoriety of early SOPs as excellent fighters made the breed popular with the criminal element in the Balkans, in whose grip the breed received not only some additional blood of other breeds, but also somewhat of a bad name. Routinely defeating even the most tenacious Pit-Bulls and other fighting breeds, it is believed by many to be unfair matching the Srpski Odbrambeni Pas against any dogs other than members of its own breed, but some fanciers consider this ability to actually be a detractor from other qualities the breed possesses, because the Serbian Defence Dog is a versatile Molosser, capable of handling a great number of duties with ease, as well as being a wonderful urban companion for responsible owners."

This story is a bullshit, but the bullshit must be properly studied in order for the truth to be revealed.
Gloves on,masks on and lets dive.

First thing is that this breed is the re creation of old Serbian Mastiff. As far as I know, there is no such thing in our recorded history. Our records never mention this type of dog or any dog for that matter. But for the sake of argument, lets say that this idiot is right, that this breed existed. He states that this breed got extinct in the early 20th century. I find this to be an absolute bollocks. The Serbian history is more or less, well documented and it is available on the internet. If you look at the timeline you will see that from the beginning of the 19th century till the early 20th century, Serbia was in either in war or in some type of turmoil. And that instability is not the right setting for someone to organise fun doggy orgies in order to re create a piece of history, that never actually existed. So he fails again on the history of the breed.

However, the breeder Nenad Gavrilovic is real and he is the herbalist from Bosnia. Herbalist and medicine man is a fancy word for a witch doctor or a shaman. For him, his beliefs might be the truth but for me they are magical thinking, aka the fantasy. So I think that his fantasy is the main cause for the creation of this dog. Wow, that was easy. Now lets go to the fantasy.

The dog is a status symbol. But in the medieval ages, the role of these dogs was to either be a war dogs or defend the sovereign or the monarch, since only they could afford these dogs. Also they need to be fierce and loyal to the one man and untrustworthy towards anyone else. They are in other words, kings personal bodyguards. So where is the king there is a throne and where is the throne there is a palace. But there is no palace and there is no king, so why make the dog for a king that doesn't exists? The only reason why you would make this breed is, if you have the faith that the king will come and that palace will be built and thus that the kingdom will be created. So for 10 years, the shaman was preparing this gift for the future king. But in 1980 Yugoslavia was still an existing state and it didn't had a king, it had a communist leader Josip Broz Tito.
Well almost, cause in the 1980 Tito died. Josip Broz Tito was the one and only man that was holding the Yugoslavia together and after his death, the process of disintegration started. Somehow I think that this was the main trigger for the shaman to start his magic ritual. Why? Well because the Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia was built up on ashes of Kingdom of Yugoslavia that was burned down during the second world war, and that kingdom was ruled by the Serbian monarch.

A brief history reality check.

The second world war in the Balkans wasn't the only war that was fought. The second world war was a framework for multiple layers of other wars that were fought within it. The first layer was the war for power, fought between remains of Yugoslavian royal army that fought in the name of the King and their goal was to create Greater Serbia and the communist partisans whom fought for communist idea. The bet was, whom ever survives the war, gets the right to rule. Than there is the third layer, where all the nationalities in Yugoslavia were fighting for their vision of the future. Croats wanted great Croatia, Bosnian Muslims joined them in their fight against Serbian desire to create great Serbia, Albanians in Kosovo wanted to create the Great Albania, Bulgarians wanted to create Great Bulgaria, Hungarians also wanted the Great Hungary and so on and so on. All this fighting were waged with merciless brutality and savagery, causing rivers of blood and mountains of bodies. Thanks to the allied help, the communist partisans won the internal power struggle so when the war ended they took the power. All those unsettled scores were pushed under the rug and the whole thing was covered with massive avalanche of cash. Josip Broz Tito balanced between east and the west, during the cold war and was able to get the money from both sides. So when he died, and he was the only guarantee of stability, the whole thing started to fall apart. So as the money flow was cut off during the 80'es, all those skeletons started to appear. The logical escalation was the destruction of Yugoslavia in the remake of world war 2 hostilities.

And that was the thing that the shaman felt, he saw the war coming. And that is why he made the Serbian Defence Dog. But since Defence actually is another name for war, the second name of the Serbian Defence Dog is Serbian War Dog. But in the age of tanks and jets, the war dog is useless, so why make one? Well if you think about the future, yeah, there is no need for a war dog, but the entire Serbian nationalism is based on the glorious past and the rebuilding of old glory days. So in that context, the war dog, the king lap dog and the king body guard, the king himself and the monarchy, all that is the part of that magical thinking that was the base for the creation of pseudo history, up on which the causes for war were formed. So after ten years, in 1991 war broke out and the Serbian War dog was fully operational.

We all know the rest of the story.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Serbian Defence Dog the T-Rex terrier

But if you thought that pit bull is dangerous, behold the wonders of Serbian genetic engineering, This is the Serbian Defence Dog and pray to God that it doesn't get the export licence for the US.

It is cross breed of: American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler,Neapolitan mastiff,something called Canis montanus which is the mountain shepherd dog, designed to take down bears and the special genetic treat, that came from Hannibal Lecter himself, the Gray Wolf.

Note how the fence is weak.

This one has a special trigger, what ever you do don't ever and I mean EVER look it in the eyes.

Chronicles of absurdity,Act Five "It's good to be an idiot"

The dogcravers accomplished their goal, the Dominion was created and thus the dogtopia came to life. However that didn't stop animal abuse and brutal things started to happen. Dogs were poisoned, beaten and brutalised. First arrests were made on the charge for animal abuse. The accused people didn't had a chance. The first and oldest NGO formed the alliance with similar organisations around the world. During this whole time, absolutely no shelters were built by this organisation. All the money that they got from the donations, went on rescuing the new SUV, the new flat screen HD TV, and some of that money went on bizarre campaigns, billboards and commercials that had zero effect on the population. The greatest success was setting up an call centre for the animals, however this call centre was not for OUR animals, but trough the wonders of technology it was another outsourcing deal for the foreign customers.

During this period, the number of stray dogs sky-rocketed. In 2000 the estimated figure was around 1500, than it rose to 3500 in 2005 and than in 2010 it is estimated that 10.000 mark has been breached. In 2012 this number is likely to be 15.000 to 20.000 if not more.

In my neighbourhood the figure goes like this:

1990 number of stray dogs:2
1991 number of stray dogs:4
1992 number of stray dogs:5
1993 number of stray dogs:4
1994 number of stray dogs:6
1995 number of stray dogs:3
1996 number of stray dogs:4
1997 number of stray dogs:4
1998.number of stray dogs:5
1999 number of stray dogs:4
2000 number of stray dogs:4
2001 number of stray dogs:7
2002 number of stray dogs:6
2003 number of stray dogs:4
2004 number of stray dogs:3
2005 number of stray dogs:7
2006 number of stray dogs:16
2007 number of stray dogs:10
2008 number of stray dogs:10
2009 number of stray dogs:8
2010 number of stray dogs:9
2011 number of stray dogs:7
2012 number of stray dogs:8

However in the other neighbourhoods the numbers are similar. In the nearby vicinity of my neighbourhood, which can be loosely interpreted as 10 block radius, there are around 70 stray dogs and around 130 owned.

The fact that no one keeps the records about stray dogs population is the direct consequence of the loose laws and impotence that was created by this law and due to efforts of NGO sector. The latest addition to the humanism of the dogcravers is the rule that all shelters must be no kill shelters and that only aggressive dogs are terminated, if they fail to pass the behaviour test. Yearly 2000 people are bitten in our capital city while minor bites go unnoticed. This statistic is just for our capital city, in other cities and rural areas, complete chaos rules.
During the 2005 to 2008 the most massive slaughtering of stray cats happen, peaking in August 2006 when one dog managed to kill 12 cats in one month. My local dogcraver whom is THE responsible one for the stray problem, managed to get the dog out of the city, claiming that the dog is good guard dog. Her friend which took the dog was thrilled. However, the dog managed to slaughter one lamb and 12 chickens at the farm.

It was returned to our neighbourhood, but this time it was spayed, but still in the good mood for cracking the cats spines. In addition he is the leader of the new pack of 4 dogs that are lurking across my neighbourhood always in the mood for some kitten munching. The other 4 guard the fast food joint.

Chronicles of absurdity, Act Four-"The orgy pit"

The period from 2000 to 2010 can be described as the most massive de regulation of every state law but also the society as well. Special interest groups promoted their interests as public interests which lead to complete and utter paralysis of the system as a whole. Needles to say, this was done also with the dogs. Main purpose and funding for the dog NGO's was the creation of pet market. The dog was promoted and elevated to the status of the cult animal, exactly because it is the most expensive and most accessible animal on the market. Very soon the catering industry came in. Private veterinarian ambulances and hospitals, pet shops, grooming saloons and studios, toys, cartoons and movies came as the avalanche on to the plebs. But the only thing that was most needed and thus the one that lacked the most was the TRAINING centres. Which is no surprise, since why would you train your dog, why would you condition his behaviour at all when all dogs are good and harmless? Plus training is unnatural and since we love nature, conditioning the dog's behaviour is attack on nature itself, so we won't do it. The leash laws were absolute no no, due to presence of strays so limiting the dog's movement actually limits its chances of survival when strays attack. And the strays did attack. The presence of strays, virtually limited the dog choices to big dogs, cause big dogs had more chance than the smaller ones. Also the more vicious the dogs were, the better. This didn't always meant that the choice will fall on pit bull but something that can produce substantial carnage worked just as well. Absurdity struck again in this case.
Since the strays were danger for owned dogs, the logical step would be to remove them. However, since the strays were NGO pets, that was an no no. So the owned dogs had to learn how to live with the ever increasing packs of strays. This exercise in futility is another mind numbing jewel of absurdity in the dogcraver's crown, cause he simply craves the dogtopia so much and here the dogtopia is forming in front of his very eyes, there are so many of them and society is impotent to counter them. It is literary at the fingertips. Needles to say, with this situation, the vets were uber happy and soon started to cash in on this doggy bonanza. The dogcravers would bring them strays that were mauled by the owned dogs or other stray packs and didn't ask for a price so very soon the veterinarian profession formed a guild or cartel that was advocating dogtopia from the scientific or medical perspective. The alliance between pet industry and pet medical care was formed, so called pet-vet syndicate and their goal was ever increasing number of dogs, regardless if they are stray of owned, simply cause they are making huge dough on them. And since more people owned dogs, they were more present in real life and thus the media started to pay attention. With the media addition the Dominion order was formed. The media would do the mental laundry, catering and promoting the needs of the dogcravers and creating the new ones, the legal framework was set up, since the dog (animal) protection bill was passed, which in essence abolished the dogcravers, dog owners and dog breeders of any responsibility and allowed them to dispatch the dogs on to the streets when ever they wanted, thus creating the fresh supply of dogs and than the pet-vet syndicate would provide services for those dogs. The dog became an commodity to be traded on and to make profits from.

With this setting, the question of stray dogs has been solved in the only possible way-by accepting the most insanely idiotic solution. Instead of making new animal shelters, the whole country was turned into the animal shelter, instead of pushing for stronger regulation and punishment of dog owners, cause they are the primary cause of the stray dogs, total freedom was given, instead of promoting and upholding the responsibility of the individual owner, his irresponsibility became the responsibility of the society.

Chronicles of absurdity, Act Three-"Love,unleashed"

In the year 2000, Milosevic's regime fell. The new government adopted radical reforms, which will prove to be  more damaging for Serbia than the Milosevic regime ever was able to be. Among those devastating policies the policy towards animals stands as the most destructive one, but it is overshadowed by the “more serious” issues, such as dealing with the war crimes, Kosovo disputes and pushing towards Eu. Enter the Non Government Organisation or in short NGO's.

The way how the very definition of NGO is perceived here, is that the NGO's are actually government but without responsibility for their actions. Although this understanding is fundamentally nuts and absurd, it finds its justification in the fact that the very word regime or the government was associated with the Milosevic's regime or the government, so the government as the definition got the negative context. Try to picture it like this. In the hospital, one doctor sucks as a doctor and many people seeking treatment actually come out of the hospital sicker. The normal reaction would be to fire that doctor and take his licence away. But in the case of Serbia, not only that the doctor is fired, the entire hospital is shut down and the healthcare system is abandoned as the system, cause of that one doctor.

Story of the our NGO's is equally absurd as it is damaging. Firstly, those NGO's are made out of pet dog owners and dogcravers. The dogcravers were the ones whom got bounded with the stray dogs during the Milosevic's rule so they consider every stray dog to be their pet. They are so obsessed with doggy love, they are so identified with the victim status that they have absolutely no sense what so ever about wider picture. In a way, the advocates of the pitbullery share the same treats, so how the normal dog owners or pit bull victims feel about pitbullery is the exactly the same as how we here feel about dogcravers NGOs and about ALL dogs. While in the West, the pitbullery takes the victim stand and defends unconditionally the rights of the breed and the owners, in Serbia the dogcravers NGO do the same except they do that for ALL dogs, regardless if they are owned or stray. Here it is absolutely irrelevant if the child is mauled by a pit bull, by a Doberman, by a puddle or by a stray, if it is mauled by a dog, the dog is automatically innocent and the child is to blame for the mauling or it was an unfortunate accident that simply happens, due to the laws of nature.

The NGO terror started with the formation of our first NGO back in the mid 90's. The self proclaimed founder of that NGO is the failed veterinarian student and the mega dogcraver. What he did was equally absurd and idiotic. Since he cares only about the dogs, he took the Hungarian Dog protection Act, mixed it up with the Nordic animal protection act and offered that as the Animal Protection Act to Serbian parliament. While he was pushing for the act to be adopted, he almost exclusivity promoted dogs and DOGma. Since he was very well funded, his lush campaigns had the desired result. What they did in essence was paving the way for the dogcravers of Serbia to be accepted and perceived as ecologists and friends of the nature. Every single NGO that was formed after that was only dealing with the stray dogs exclusively and was mimicking his NGO.

The net end result of those efforts was the insanely abysmal super idiotic narrative that goes something like this: If you care for dogs you care for animals, if you care for animals you care for nature and if you care for nature you care for humans. In short if you care for dogs you care for humans. Sounds familiar? This narrative than continued to spawn other equally imbecile narratives out of which I will mention my favourite ones:

“Be a human toward animals”. Meaning animals are humans, which than translates to that humans are animals, cause link works both ways due to equalisation of the species. Religious carvers interpret this as :”We are all God's creations, thus we all have soul and place in heaven”.
“ Humans whom harm animals seek ways to harm humans too.” Meaning that hurting or killing the animal is equal to killing or hurting the human. But if animal hurts or kill human this rule is justified by the laws of nature and it is either provoked by human or it was an accident. With humans the initial presumption is that is international and premeditated. In other words it is the CRIME. Now picture this narrative in the country where hundreds of thousands dogs roam free, the crime rates are bounded to go trough the roof.

This narrative created the infamous link between urban green elevated ones that feel connected with the nature trough HD flat screens(I like to call them elevators) and the nature. Their pet animals are animals. Therefore the care for the pet animal is the care for animals. So all pets are animals and all animals are pets. This automatically means that the nature is home and the home is nature. In other words the elevators think that all animals are pets and that whole planet is one big Mc'Mansion where all animals live as pets. Speaking of delusions of grandeur. And since the dog became the synonym for pet or stray animal, all animals are treated as dogs. So since dogs are by default good and friendly and all animals are dogs, this lead to the understanding that all animals are good and friendly.

However, this insanity trend was one of the main causes of injuries when humans and animals came in contact. Especially young children whom were brain-washed by these narratives, they simply wanted to pet every animal regardless if it was a stray or wild.

The reward for being humane was the free ride to ER or surgery rooms.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chronicles of absurdity. Act Two- " The tribe and the pack"

Following the nature of the dogcraver, that demands safety at all costs, once the dogs became uneconomical and were harming the lush lifestyle, they were thrown onto the streets. This was the first thing to happen with the outbreak of civil war. The strays have arrived.

At first, people didn't know should they report them or not, cause they were counting that the owner would show up and pick the dog. But he never did. The first wave of strays suffered the most loses. Since they were not custom to the life on the streets, many of them died of starvation, diseases or were run over by cars. However, once whom did survived got the chance to procreate and multiply and their numbers started to grow, exponentially. But so did the war. The state was in the stage of shock and the funding had to be diverted towards the war effort, so budget cuts were made and they landed at the Animal Control desk. The number of dogs was rising while their capacities were diminishing. The equipment was obsolete and broken, their vehicle fleet couldn't was over used and without spare parts. The City animal control service was among first public services to break down and soon it became useless. But it kept working.

The citizens would call the animal service often but the number of calls was overwhelming so the response time got longer and longer, and so citizens lost the faith in the efficiency of the service. Dogs on the other hand didn't lost any of their potency and multiplied even faster. With their numbers growing they became more than the nuisance, they became the serious threat. But without working service, people decided to re-domesticate them so each part of the city had its own “guardians”. Somewhere in the mid 90es, the first animal protection organisation was formed. Thanks to its efforts, the citizens became friendlier toward dogs and the number of dogs started to rise even faster. If the first half of the 90es was characterised by packs of up to 4 dogs, the second half of the 90es the maximum number of dogs was 10 but the minimum number rose to 4.

But there was a change.

If in the first half of the 90es the citizens were disappointed with the weak results of the animal control service, thanks to the work of animal right activists, in the second half they were openly hostile. Often they would attack employees, burn their vehicles or simply hide the dogs. There are two main reasons for this change of behaviour. First, the practice of the Animal Control Service was brutal. Due to the lack of funding, it couldn't get new equipment or re train its employees for more humane practices, but also since the money was thin, the low wage would attract only the most desperate and uneducated people. Those people would than express their frustrations on the captured animals. The second reason, was that since the Animal Control Service was the state service it was, in a way the state itself and the citizens were unhappy with the government. So attacking the Animal Control Service was their way of showing their discontent with the politics and with the Slobodan Milosevic's rule. However, this was another exercise in futility cause the number of dogs, continued to grow and with them the number of attacks mounted. As it was seen in Greece nowadays, the dog became the symbol of oppression and as a victim of the system. The people and the dogs, formed an alliance and detached themselves from the Milosevic's thing and that was the first sign of rebellion against the regime that will from that moment, only grow.

The people whom would do something against the dogs were immediately associated with the regime and labelled as backward,radical, pro-war, and evil. On the other side, people whom protected the dogs saw themselves as progressive, liberal,peaceful,ant-war and good. There was the third group of people, that was against the war but also against the strays cause it saw them as the hazard for public safety, but since the narrative was already formed, it was attacked and dismissed by both blocks. I was the part of that group and had ,at the time ,a solid working experience in rescuing stray cats from the streets and moving them to the village where they were urgently needed cause the rural areas were de populating rapidly due to economic crisis.

The period of the 90es is also significant cause at that time, first pit bulls were introduced and soon they became the favourite breed for the various bad asses and criminal structures across the Serbia. Since it was isolated and under the economic sanctions, with the war going on, many of the young men started to see Serbia as a ghetto and thus identified themselves with the US ghetto gang hip hop rap culture, especially after seeing “Boyz n the Hood” movie. The must have accessory for them was the pit bull. They totally identified themselves with the image of American ghetto that was portrayed in the music videos and movies,and started to use the same slang and dress code. They became know as the “Bro generation” cause word bro was used excessively in every possible situation. So you had a Serbian teenager gangsta rapper whom raps in Serbian, tries to look like Ice Cube or Ice-T, and thinks that he lives in ghetto, while in reality he is the son of the communist general whom got retired early and lives in the projects that were built in the 50es.

It was like Stalin meats DMX in the 50es and I don't know if it can get more absurd than that.

Chronicles of absurdity, Act One-" the Last days of normality"

This is the story of how the Dominion was created, how it endured and how now it rules supreme. As any good narcissus I needed the pompous title so there you have it, the Chronicles of absurdity. Catchy?Wink...:)

Before the collapse, this place was a decent place to live. Well, at least on the surface it was. The big star of the 80'es was the German Shepherd dog. This breed was popularised on the basis of the communist myth, that during the second world war, the lifetime president and the leader of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito was saved by his German Shepherd named Lux from the shell explosion. The legend goes that the dog heard the incoming round and threw it self on to the Tito, saving his life while losing its own. This selfless act served as a proof of absolute goodness of the dog and was just another myth among tomes of myths about doggies.

The validity of this story cannot be confirmed or denied, but considering the gap between the image of the dog and the dog, I think that it is quite safe to say that this story is a bullshit. The dog was simply thrown away by the blast's shock wave and its body received most of the shrapnel.

However, the role of the German Shepherd in the second world war waged in the Balkans has the dark side as well. These dogs were often used in killings of captured resistance fighters and civilian supporters, by letting them maul and disembowel the prisoners. In retaliation the captured dogs were equally brutalised by the guerilla, as their tongues would be cut off and than they would either suffocate in their own blood or die slowly of starvation and thirst.

But that was overlooked (as it is in any story of the dogs) so the German Shepherd was the good one and we have to be thankful cause it created our state so everyone wanted one. And so everyone got one.
Back than, it was considered normal that if you notice the stray dog, to report it to the animal control service. Animal control service would respond and the dog was caught. Back than, the stray dogs were considered as a threat to public health and were terminated immediately. The result of this setting was that the owners took a good care of their dogs, took them for a walks always with the leash and if the dog had a nasty temper, it had a muzzle, and that there was no stray dogs on the streets. The dogcravers of those times, took the word walk the dog literary, so they would often run with their dogs on leash which contributed to their and the dog's good health. The only animals that were in abundance were cats, but they also were subjected to the animal control. However, people saw them to be useful cause they would take care of the mice and rat issues. In the rural areas, the problem of stray dogs was solved in the old fashion way, by the hunter's lodge,with the lead therapy.

But the dark clouds were gathering on the horizon.

Unforeseen consequences

While cruising trough the blogosphere I've noticed that most of the blogs that deal with this subject, deal almost exclusively with the pit bulls. Although it is justified and right thing to do, focusing only at the pit bulls and other “dangerous” breeds carries with it self some unforeseen consequences.
First, it places the pitbullery under the spotlight and on the media throne, which is exactly where it wants to be. So these talks actually aid to the pitbullery's agenda. Second it focuses on the horrors of pit bull attack and tries to use that as the argument which again, adds to their agenda, cause it shows the raw power and the might of the breed. Third it points out at the impotence of the system to sanction and prosecute the pitbullery which, again, adds to its popularity. Cause if the damage is done by a pit bull, hey, have no fear, the cartel is right behind you. Fourth it minimises the damage done by other breeds and also presents them as less harmful or more safer. On the other hand it treats the pit bull as an exception to dog's world. All other dogs are good but pit bull is something else. All that is bad about dogs is thrown at the pit bulls. All that is bad about irresponsible ownership is thrown at the pit bull owners.

But pit bull is not the exception.

Pit bull is the pinnacle of dogcravers engineering, it is the perfect dog. Pit bull is the dog done right, it has all the treats that the dogcravers want. It is dangerous, it is strong, it is unpredictable, it is safe cause no other dog can endanger him and it has the reputation or fame around it. Exactly all the treats that any dogcraver wants. Plus now, it has the cartel behind it that offers legal protection in ANY CASE. The craver might go to jail, but the dog will be given the second, the third, chance and as cartel gains strength, the pit bull can maul 1000 humans before the right one is found. Cause, you know, it works both ways, there is the right dog for the right owner but also there is the right owner for the right dog. Lets not be stingy with rights and abandon the agenda and our ultimate goal, which is to make the world a safe place for doggies. We own them, they did so much for us, lets be honest.

So the quest must go on at what ever the cost might be, cause the promise of dogtopia is greater than us.

This absurdity in thinking is driven by the same futile mechanism or setting that is found in the core of any dogcraver. It is the self defeating loop that has as the end result, the cancellation of it self. It is self destructive, so applying the self destructive formula on anything, placing that formula as the new rule in the game, self destroys anything that is applied to. But it does that with good intentions, you know-don't mind the damage, IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS, no hard feelings.

The road to Hell is indeed, paved with good intentions.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Lurker

In the case of teenage pregnancy, there are many reasons for it, but the cause of it,is only one. Same goes for the dogcravers. The cause of the problem with dogs are dogs, cause without dogs there wouldn't be problems with dogs, cause there wouldn't be dogs. However, the reasons for the dogs are many and are irrelevant in this case, cause problems with dogs are caused by dogs.

Pure and simple.

The dogcravers case follows the same path. There is only one cause for him to have a dog and the cause is craving while the reasons or the interpretation of that craving can vary. It can be safety, it can be trend, it can be statement, it can be privilege or status symbolism, it can be conviction, it can be religion,it can be for profit, it can be erotic desire you name it. You can interpret the craving in bzillion different ways.

Problem is, as it has always been, the definition. Since you are unaware of the problem, you can't define it and thus you can't formulate the response to it. And this issue has been cloaked over and over for centuries in the web of self delusions and dogmas that became movements and reached political level and decision making processes. As such it is now enforced by the law, it demands to be accepted and respected. Unconditionally I might add.

You have to accept that dogs are good and that they are not a threat. They are threat only if the owner makes them aggressive. Helloooo? The dog is SEPARATE entity, SEPARATED from the OWNER. Let me rephrase this? Why the dog existence is denied? Why it is not recognised as a separate and independent entity? For one simple reason.
Without the owner the dog doesn't have the purpose and thus the reason for its existence. The very existence of the dog is bounded with the fact, of how much it MEANS to a person or a group of persons. It is the MEANING of a dog that counts, not the organism itself. On its own, a dog as a organism, doesn't belong to nature, cause it is created by humans yet if the humans don't want it it has nowhere to go. It doesn't belong neither to the nature or to the urban setting.

Truly that organism is the saddest organism that exists and the only thing that overshadows its destructiveness is its tragedy of existence. Cause it is sentenced to endlessly exist between the nature and the human, urban setting, like some perverted, twisted abomination that lurks in that foggy border that separates natural and human realm. If it is free in nature,it destroys it completely cause it is an artificial organism. If it is free in the human setting it also destroys it completely cause it is an wild animal.

It can exist only as the denial of itself and the denial of its existence is the reason for its existence.

Monday, September 17, 2012


“If I had a donkey wot wouldn't go,
D'ye think I'd wallop him? no, no, no!
But gentle means I'd try, d'ye see,
Because I hate all cruelty;
If all had been like me, in fact,
There'd have been no occasion for Martin's Act.
Dumb animals to prevent being crack'd,
On the head.”

In 1822, the British parliament adopted one act that will lead to the situation we face today. The act was called The Cruel Treatment of Cattle Act 1822 with the full name “An Act to prevent the cruel and improper Treatment of Cattle” but it is more commonly known as the Martin's Act. Two years after the act was adopted, on June 16th 1824 a new organisation was formed the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which will later be known as-Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The RSPCA.The man behind this act was called Richard Martin, also know as the “Humanity Dick” nicknamed by the King George IV himself.

So who was Richard Martin?

Well, he was the only son of Robert Martin Fitz Anthony and Hon. Bridget Barnwall, born on January 15th 1754 in the Ballynahinch Castle,County Galway, on the coasts of western Ireland. His family was Catholic, Jacobite, and also one of fourteen old families that ruled the Galway from 14th to 17th century, collectively known as the “Tribes of Galway”.

Richard Martin , however, was raised protestant.

He entered the Irish House of Commons in 1776, sitting for the Jamestown until 1783. Also he was appointed High Sheriff of County Galway in 1782. In 1798 her was returned to Parliament for Landsborough, advocating the Catholic emancipation. When the act of union, in 1800 was adopted, unifying the Kingdom of Great Brittan and the kingdom of Ireland thus creating the United Kingdom of Great Brittan,the Martin was already the MP for the Galway county and as such he entered the British parliament. There he continued to push for the Catholic emancipation with little success. Aside for pushing for Catholic emancipation, Richard Martin also pushed for the animal rights, and so, in 1822 the Martin's act was adopted.

What this act did, among other things was to ban blood sports, such as dogfighting, bull bating and bear bating. All these “sports” share one common thing, they are all linked by one participant and that participant is the dog-the BULL DOG.

The bulldog was the gladiator that was used to amuse the crowd and the brutality of those fights, equally amused the rich and the poor so the event itself was serving as vent for channelling the aggression and discontent among population. In a way it had the same, “adrenaline rush” feeling as the professional wrestling or NASCAR has today. It creates an overdose of excitement after which you feel, lets say, “more content” with your life. Or to put it in short, it is a tranquiliser drug. But with this ban, bulldogs lost their purpose and instead of being terminated as a breed,Oh by the glorious consensus rules!, they were kept alive. They went underground and continued to be used in illegal dog fighting.

Bulldogs were also transported to the New World, where they were used for the same purpose. However, the New World was in its infancy and was pretty much a wild and disorganised place to live in and so, eventually, those bulldogs became strays. The damage that they were doing was so vast, that no weapon was good enough to stop them. They soon became dreaded creatures, that were mauling humans left and right. So something new was needed that will contain the threat of roaming bulldogs. The “solution” was found in the creation of specific breed of dog that is designed with one thing in mind-to fight bulldogs. Enter the pit bull. Yes, that is right, the pit bull is the biological weapon designed to contain and exterminate bulldogs that were roaming free and unemployed across England and United States at the end of 19th century. This is, again, dismissed by the consensus as the notorious nonsense, cause it is true. Why would you have a dog that is specifically designed to attack other dogs and not only to attack them but to kill them, if you don't feel threaten by those “other” dogs?

So there you have it, that is the true nature and the agenda behind the creation of pit bulls.

But back to the “humanity” Dick. Humanity Dick was so humane that he was involved in more than 100 duels fought with sabres and guns. He held a military rank, he was a Colonel. Also somehow he appears in the American and French revolutions. He ended his life in France, where he fled after being accused for intimidation charges. To make things more bizarre, the formation of RSPCA was held in a coffee shop called "Old Slaughter's" and during his lifetime, the Martin was passionate fox hunter.
One event from his life, actually describes the true nature of the dogcraver better than I would ever be able to do.

Hair-Trigger Martin”

Reported to be of rather average height, with a brawny, stocky build, the ginger-haired Martin was also considered the most formidable and well-known fire-eater, or duelist, of the 18th century, having fought on over 100 occasions. An illustrious example of his skill and compassion relates to one incident involving a beloved canine by the name of Prime Serjeant.

Claiming the wolfhound was consuming meat scraps that should have been destined for the poor, George Robert “Fighting Fitzgerald” shot the dog with a pistol, but allowed the women in the Browne domain to keep their lapdogs. As a dear friend to the Browne Family and Prime Serjeant, Martin personally vowed to avenge the dog’s untimely end which he did some years later in a heated clash with Fitzgerald. (As he wasn’t the guardian of Prime Serjeant, Martin had no legal grounds to pursue justice at the time of the shooting.) Martin was maimed in the chest and proudly sported his battle scars in the years to follow, while the twice-hit Fitzgerald went unscathed as he had sneakily donned protective undergarments during the scuffle.

There are quite a few sympathetic animal tales like the above, some of which even Martin himself would recount in Parliament. At the ripe old age of 67, MP Martin stood on a street on London’s Ludgate Hill, watching a man mercilessly beat his equine. Out of nowhere, two men emerged, yanking the man away from the horse and dolling out punches on the animal abuser. The two avengers had been paid five shillings a piece for their act. Their financier? Richard Martin. Martin’s physical and legislative fight for four-legged creatures would continue in the decades leading up to this point and following it as well.”

No comment...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Divided we stand, Dogether we fall

It is amazing, isn't it?

How something that obvious cannot be comprehended and understood. Since it cannot be comprehended it cannot be defined and thus the response is impossible to form. But it is there, you can feel it, it damages your physical and mental health and you point out but its like you are pointing at the wrath that only you can see. All others that are standing by you think that you are crazy, that you are the problem and that they are the solution. But IT'S A DOG,MAN!!!.People complain about mosquitoes so much, they bite, they transmit diseases, just like dogs do, yet you don't hear, but its a MOSQUITOES MAN!!! Or the bees, the killer bees, oh horror, oh horrible mutants will kill us all. So? It's a BEE MAN!!!

Funny isn't it?

Mosquitoes and bees are smaller than dogs, yet they do the same thing that dog does, they bite or sting, they harm us, but the relationship toward the same thing, the damage or the threat to our bodies is seen differently. But its not different it is the same, it is the damage and it hurts.

This leads to the first thing that I would like to talk about and that can be roughly named as the threat perception.

The threat perception is consisted out of two subjects, the threat and the perception. If you perceive something to be a threat you form a response to it. The threat how ever exists independently from the perception, cause it is a separate entity. In the case of dogs, the dog as an entity is a threat, it is an carnivore organism, it is blood lust organism, it is the social and territorial organism. The threat from a dog comes form direct dog attack and it comes indirectly from the space around the dog, or the space that dog considers to be his. So the when combining those two you get the overall threat that is bigger than the physical size of a dog. In other words its BIG.

So how come it is not perceived as such?

It isn't cause the over time the control is introduced so the dog became a controlled threat. With the training and the responsible aka aware ownership, the problems with dogs would not exist at all. Well not quite, cause the dog as the entity is a threat by default and the level of danger that it represents actually never ceases, cause it is what it is. This means that, in essence, the question of the control is irrelevant cause it does not make the dog safer. However again, this is dismissed at the start, by the consensus. The consensus defines the threat of a dog as lack of control so the weaker the control is the more the dangerous the dog is.

This is basic mistake and all that grows from that, from that initial root is wrong. That error than is branching into endless multiplications trying to prove itself as the right one. Its not the dog it is the owner, its not the dog it is the victim,its not the dog it is the environment, it is not the dog it is weather, it is not dog it is the cosmic rays, it is not dog it is the bad spirits. It is always something else but it is never the dog. But it is always the dog.

Reason why this wrong perception exists is very simple, the power of craving or need to have a dog is much greater than the power of the dog. So the more people feel threaten or weak, the more powerful craving they have and the more weaker they feel the more powerful dogs are needed. So there is a link between how people feel and the number of dogs that they own. 

The weaker the society is the more dogs there are.

The weakness of society can come in may different ways. The society can became poorer, it can be disrupted by some internal strife or conflict, it can be exposed to natural disasters or it can become so large that the sheer scale of that society is so big that it cannot be coherent and unified. This last reason is specifically true for the detached suburban lifestyle, where everyone lives for themselves and where although they live together physically, there is no sense of community. 

So as the dog is the substitute for the individual, on this scale the dog ownership is a substitute for the community and it directly reflects the lack of it. In those places, common good and common interest is subjected to individualism and personal interest and thus the excessive dog ownership is present. The dogs than prevent social cohesion and thus contribute the one society or community's demise and death. Just as I said before, the dog is a scavenger animal it feeds on carcases so in this sense the dog ownership feeds on the carcase of dead society or community. 

It is a sign of entropy and decay and it accrues once the society looses the energy that keeps it together.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I shit you NOT!!!

So,what shall we do?

We have identified the main cause of this new threat that was able to creap up to our doorsteps unnoticed. It is a movement, consisted out of people whom refuse to grow up and are doing everything they can to transform the reality so that it can suite them. Instead of creating grown up, responsible society the construction of the largest kindergarten is in progress. The problem is that, instead of toys they play with genetically engineered organisms that crave for blood and soul of every living thing that walks on the Earth. They have developed the symbiotic relationship with this organism, thus creating a new life form, the dogcraver, which combines the brute force of dog's jaw, loudness of its roar with nasty personality treats. No matter how problematic they are, they are intelligent and that is what makes them dangerous. It makes them dangerous cause they are blood lusty and intelligent.

They are able to organise themselves into the movement and as such, they fight for their rights within the system and the system, since it wants to provide stability, caters to their needs as well as it caters ours. Problem is that the system is catering one group which lifestyle cancels the lifestyle of another group, thus making the system work against one group. You know, the friend of my enemy is my enemy.
But this analogy can be considered valid however the more appropriate comparison would be that in the soul asylum the insane people are the doctors and personnel, not the patients.

For the western readers take the good look at the pictures of the dominion, this is your final destination, with one big exception. Unlike our situation, your mutts are pure breed killers, pit bulls and pit bull mixes. If you think that this is untrue, well, I am sorry to disappoint you cause this process is well under way, assuming that what I read on blogs is true. And I don't have the reason to doubt cause I recognise the patterns and sequences, cause I've been trough all this.

With this the story about the dogcravers as a group is over and we are moving towards the final frontier, the society. How it reacts to this behaviour, why it fails,what are the consequences and at the end what the future brings.