Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Shockwave theory : Beastmasters, the allure of the underdog.

Photos of a criminals arrested in Serbia in the past two months
    charged with murder, beatings and animal abuse.

The communist ideology has a strong bond with the anti-social and psychopathic behaviors. In general, it has insensible desire to merge with the criminal mind. As such, it justifies and upholds all forms of criminal behaviors because it sees the prevailing system as the main oppressor and the criminal, while the criminals are justified as righteous rebels with the just cause. Since it is reactionary, the communist ideology always needs an enemy to fight against and the oppressed class to fight for, in order to exist. This absent minded ideology, is conflict based and it always seeks ways to provoke conflicts or to create them.

That is why, the left is in love with the underdog to the point of madness.

 It seeks to melt with it, in a orgasmic sado masochistic Danse Macabre act of self-annihilation.

However, its sacrifice to the thug, is not mindless, yet it has clear purpose and that purpose is control of the thug trough submission. By giving its body to the pain, it seeks to take the mind in return. It is a perverted trade, where a strong mind in a week body, seeks to gain ultimate power trough body snatching of a thug, in order to become a whole. A strong mind in a strong body, trough this merger with the psychopath.

For the left, the psychopath is the ideal. It is unpredictable, titillating and exciting, constant source of endorphins, it is embodiment of power in its rawest form and the left is absentmindedly attracted to power.

That is why, the left upholds and promotes the criminal behavior as a display of power and there is nothing more alluring than a thug with the beast under control. The beast represents the raw nature, the brute force, the essence of power. In this light, the pit bull is the only choice, the top dog with the under dog flavor. The rejected one, the prohibited one, the forbidden fruit, the taboo...The vampire that comes in the night, the secret lover...

The death wish.

Pit-bulls and other forms of dogs breed to fight are the logical choice for the left, because those dogs are created for a single purpose, to fight for the amusement of the oppressor, the rich capitalist. They are the ultimate victim and thus worthy of being "rescued". Same as a criminal which is a tragic outcome of social inequality, a victim of unjust treatment that "forced" him to become a social menace.

Therefore the society has to be punished for creating them, that is why they can never be guilty for being what they are. They need to be abolished for what they are and accepted as such, lifted from the dark pits and brought to the light and treated equally.

Even if they don't deserve it at all. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Shockwave theory, General priciples.

Up until "democratic changes" happened at the end of 20th century, the problem of stray dogs in Serbia was handled in a old fashion way. As soon as the population of strays grew to the levels that endangered livestock, property and human well being,  it was lock'n'load and the whole matter was resolved in one day. Same procedure was applied in the case if a single aggressive animal appeared. People whom owned dogs, took a good care of them and were responsible for their well being, as the dogs had strictly determined role and function, that had its place in the context of life. As long as the dog fulfilled the role properly, there were no problems. Dogs were contained and as such, preserved and valued for their function, letting them to roam free was considered to be reckless and damaging behavior. All in all, the whole situation was handled with care and responsibility towards both dogs and humans.

Problems emerged after the "democratic changes" when the liberals took the power.

It wasn't known than, but so called "democratic aka liberal" members of Serbian political spectrum are full blown SJW's. As such, they were able to easily hook up to the similar political groups in the EU and established funding links for various "projects" that had the aim to make Serbia more "civilized" and "humane". No wonder, as "THE CHANGE" is the main mantra of any communist regime, change for the sake of change. Therefore, resolution of the problem is the problem in itself and should be avoided at any cost. Seen in that light, problems are actually essential for the existence of liberal order.

The more problems there are, the more issues there is, the more reasons for various groups to exist and get a free cash ride from the EU. This abysmal logic, works both ways. The more problems Serbian liberals could find or create, the more reason for them to borrow money from the EU and the more money they borrow from the EU, the better for EU because they EU has an excuse to spend and print money and keep the entire fiat currency bonanza alive. Everybody wins.

Everybody,except citizens and animals in Serbia.

The minute the link was established, a bzillion laws were simply copy-pasted into our legal system. The speed of copy pasting was so fast that some of them were not even translated into Serbian, yet they were passed as they are.

Draconian animal rights laws were the first ones to be implemented and that directly lead to the explosion of the stray dog population at the beginning of the 21st century. NGO's were pissing their pants off from happiness, because they got unique opportunity to "deal"with the problems. "Paws for votes", votes for elections, elections for funding. The cash flow was enormous. Serbian NGO's were getting cash from the government, but also they got funded directly from the EU and other bigger NGO's.

Getting cash was easy, as "touchy pictures of abused animals" were in abundance, due to their exploding population and hostile behavior that followed their rapid population growth. Every animal that was killed by humans was portrayed as animal abuse and brutality towards animals and shared over social media. Of course the 99% of the animals that were documented were dogs, so the virtual picture that was created in the mass and social media, was that there was some type of dogycide happening in Serbia, where barbaric and uncivilized Serbs were killing Fido's for pure sadistic fun.

In reality, Serbia was overrun in a five year span by stray dogs and they were mauling left and right everything that had a breath. From a domesticated animals, young wildlife, pets and humans. In order to keep the funding flow, those pictures were conveniently pushed aside, because than, the reality would be exposed.

The fake news became the mainstream narrative that had no ground in the reality, totally perverting the public opinion, raping it with its absent minded narrative day and night for almost a decade. Finally, people had enough of the "democrats", so they got replaced by the "conservatives". The self destruction of the Serbian SJW's was a no brainier for anyone that  understands political theory. Any leftist/liberal or pure and simple communist ideology, has an integrated self-destruction mechanism that is triggered at the pinnacle of its power and brings the entire structure down. That is why communism is a system that failed in 100 of 100 cases, for one simple reason- it is built around utopia and has no correlation with the reality. Since it doesn't communicate with the reality yet with the representation of the reality, it cannot cope with the reality, it cannot solve real problems and form real responses, it always fails on its promises.

The resentment is created the minute it takes power, it is ignored by it and it finally brings the system down precisely in the moment when the delusions are the greatest aka when the leftist think that they are at the pinnacle of power.

Communism and its various forms, is nothing more than a neo tribalism. It is a call for hunter-gather nomad like lifestyle and like 10.000 years ago, hunter gatherers need dogs. Therefore, irresponsible dog ownership and dog worshiping are the hallmarks of neo tribalism or to be more correct, creeping communism.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Shockwave theory, "The ripples effect"

If we take the statement that says, that the gentle ripples on the surface are the products of tectonic and far more dramatic shifts at the core of things, to be true, than the story of dog ownership has much deeper meaning and it is no trivial thing, to say at least. From my neck of the woods, when cross referencing the data and the events, this statement is, without any shadow of a doubt, true. The question of dog ownership is deeply rooted in the politics and therefore, it transcends trough a entire spectrum of everyday life.

The dog paradigm, is a political question. Also, it is a social question.

For this reason, deconstructing the dog paradigm will not be an easy task and as I mentioned before, its deconstruction will take few painful turns.

Will the ever watchful eye of the social justice warriors and neo communists allow it to unfold, remains to be seen.