Friday, August 31, 2012

From the depths of despair...

For the dogcraver, any type of adjustment to the outside world, is the denial of his existence and it is perceived as the attack,aimed to destroy him. Since he is under the attack he has the right, the right of the victim to react and to rightfully defend his well being. Since he is defending himself he is always right and always just, he cannot be judged and therefore he cannot bear any consequence for the defence.

In the interaction with the outside world, two forces determine the behaviour of the dogcraver. The strength of the society and the strength of the dogcraver. If the society is stronger than the dogcraver the dogcraver will obey to the society rules but constantly seek ways to avoid them. If the society is weaker than the dogcraver, the dogcraver will always seek for the society to obey to him. In both ways the quest for dominance is the main driving force for the dogcraver. The dogcraver always seeks dominance and control, since only trough his own personal and absolute control, he can achieve total and absolute safety aka the only way how he could stay alive. So the struggle for dominance and control becomes the fight for life, fought always with the maximum stakes and with maximum energy.

As he begins the interaction with the outside world, the dogcraver assumes that must be welcomed. After all, he loves dogs that the society considers positive and good and thus expects that he will be accepted and thus safe. However he cannot be absolutely sure so he automatically begins his conquest of the world.

In his interaction with the world, he uses his dog as a medium of communication. Since he projects his personality onto the dog, the dog's behaviour becomes his behaviour. However the feedback ends up on the dog. The dogcraver, in his obsession with his own personal safety cannot be blamed for dog's actions cause dog and him are not the one, only him and dog are one. And since the dog is the animal it cannot be blamed for doing things cause as the animal it has no sense of right and wrong. So it cannot be judged. He lets his dog to do what ever the dog wants to do and expects others to accept that, unconditionally.

If the dog does the harm to others, it cannot be blamed cause, a-it doesn't have the notion of right or wrong, no moral judgement and b-since it is a good creature, if it did something wrong it was an accident or, more often,a provocation.

So dog is always the victim just as the dogcraver is.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Without the dog, the dogcraver's life is very hard. He constantly feels threaten,scared, he often changes moods going from one extreme to another. He feels detached. He feels lost. But once the dog is acquired, things start to change.

Due to well established social consensus, that has lasted for centuries and the consensus is that dogs are good and safe,the person accepts that, as the definition, and sees in the dogs a life saving chance. The dog, since it is perceived by the society as something positive in general, is a ticket out of that horrible but safe setting. Not only that it is a ticket it is the ticked, the only one he's got, so all the focus is diverted towards the dog.
Since he perceive that the society sees dogs as positive, he automatically assumes that he will be accepted and perceived as positive. So since he will be accepted and not rejected, positive but not negative, he will be safe. However, since he is a narcissist he demands the constant attention. The unconditional attention. The unconditional means that he demands to be accepted as it is, he needs to be accepted totally or not at all. He cannot adjust to others since others don't exist. Also changing in order to adjust to others would disturb the stability of the system and thus the safety would be destroyed. The request to accommodate the needs of others, the dogcraver sees as the denial of his own needs and therefore as the attack aimed to destroy him completely. So the very thought of change is rejected and not only that it is rejected it is perceived as the threat. As a threat aimed to deny his right to live and cancel his existence.

This view places the dogcraver personality in a position of the victim. He is the one that is in danger, he is the one that needs to be protected and ultimately as the victim he cannot be blamed and everything that he does is justified. The dogcraver accepts the victim status only so that it can use it in order to impose his will. The victim status gives him the right to do anything what he wants and when ever he wants, without any consequences. Victim position is in essence the safe position and therefore the only position where the dogcraver can be. He is entitled for that position, it belongs to him by default.

So the dogcraver uses his victim status to demand unconditional justification for his actions. By bonding with the dog, he uses the dog as a tool to achieve his demands. He has only one demand and that demand is,his total and absolute domination over everything.

As the consensus accepts the dogs as good and as he owns the dog and loves the dog, he is granted the the access to society and thus the interaction between the dogcraver and the society begins.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Great Void.

At the core of every dogcraver, lies the trauma and the trauma is the problem. The inability to comprehend the trauma and to understand the problem, creates the fear of the unknown, which than envelops the initial trauma and forces feedback loops that only intensify the fear and propel it upwards. That means that the fear is constantly growing and with it grows the passivity and aggression. These forces oppose and annihilate each other thus creating the void. That void or emptiness creates the need or the craving, since in itself it creates the completely new feeling, feeling of being incomplete and unfinished. Since the fear is the strongest feeling, the inability to confront it and solve it, leads to the first logical construct or a measure and that is to preserve it,to contain it. But since there is not enough strength within the personality to resolve all this, the containment effort can only be achieved with the help from the outside force. Unfortunately, since the harm has been done by other humans,in most cases the ones whom were the closest aka the parents or the family, the trust bond is lost, so the attention is than focused on other lifeforms and in the case of the dogcraver- the dogs.

The first mark of the dogcraver is the inability to communicate. Since it is locked in his self defeating loop, trapped in the eternal cycles of failed attempts to break free from the fear that slowly grows and gains strength, the dogcraver personality doesn't develop mechanisms to communicate simply because there is no one to communicate with rather than himself. The dogcraver without the dog is isolated in a self-made protective shell that he designed to contain the growing fear, but as he build it from the inside and that left him trapped inside with his fear. So he is forced to always expand his prison in order to get away from the fear that breathes at his neck. As the weight of his passivity grows, the inner dynamics weakens and the stability of the system creates the sense of familiarity,thus the safety, the inner life of the dogcraver becomes almost static. He cannot change anything since it would disrupt the familiar cycle and thus endanger the familiar setting, destroying the safety with it.

In the last attempt to run away from the fear that consumes him from the inside, the dogcraver reaches for the outside input, he needs to take the energy from the outside in order to keep running away from fear. So with the introduction of the dog, the dogcraver projects his thinking onto a dog and therefore the dogcraver and the dog become one symbiotic organism. It is not possible to distinguish the dogcraver from the dog and they have to be studied as one, not as two separate organisms.

The dog as a pack animal, has inbuilt mechanisms for forming or recognising the social structure. In the uncontrolled environment, the dog pack has the hierarchy that is obeyed unconditionally and the main reason for that is the sense of dependency on others in order to survive. So dog treats humans as a pack,aka it treats humans as dogs. The dogcraver treats dogs as humans. Since he is unable to communicate with other human beings and considers his dog to be a human being,he uses dog as a communication aide, as the medium to communicate with the outside world.

However, since in essence the dogcraver is a narcissists, he is the one whom stays behind the prison wall while the dog is on the other side. The dogcraver knows that and he always keep himself separated from the dog but he keeps that knowledge as his most guarded secret. Cause the only thing that matters him more than dog is his own personal safety. Which is a trade mark of every narcissists personality.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The perversion

The inability to confront and to conquer the fear, creates two main emotions. A sense of helplessness or vulnerability which than translates into anxiety and the frustration that breeds aggression. These two conflicting feelings, feeling of being impotent is a demeaning feeling and creates passivity, while the aggression that calls for reaction is totally opposite feeling since it calls for action. These two states of mind,one passive and one aggressive create self defeating loop where one environment seeks to cancel the other. The net end result is third state that is a combination of those two sub states and that third state which is the cyclic state. In order to clarify this hypothesis, try to picture this as a solar system.

At the centre of that solar system is not the star like our sun, but the black hole that represents the fear. Around that black hole revolves the planet passivity. The aggression is the force that moves the planet passivity around black hole. Since the gravity of the black hole is the strongest, the aggression which moves the planet passivity is always weaker cause it has to beat two forces, the gravity of the black hole and the pure mass of the planet passivity. At the end the very orbit of planet passivity is new setting that completes the system, locking it in a eternal cycles of failed attempts to break free but also providing the rock solid stability of that system.

The dogcraver is aware of his fear, although he is unable to understand it. So every attempt that is made to break free ends up as the failed attempt which only adds up to the passivity until the system reaches balance and thus stability. The stability of the system than creates paradox. Since the movement is cyclic, the cycles or the orbit becomes predictable and after some time it becomes known and thus it becomes comfortable,safe environment. Once it becomes stable and thus safe, although it is based on essentially self destructing process between passivity and aggression, that environment than dictates the further development of the personality. That system is the core of the dogcraver, the foundation. The base of his personality.

From that moment, his personality is characterised with only one thing-the desire for absolute safety. The desire for absolute safety than becomes the desire for absolute control, since he is too afraid to trust others, regardless if they are the system or person/persons. This desire for absolute control or absolute domination, makes the dogcraver detached from reality, since he is constantly obsessed with himself and his safety and thus a form of narcissism develops. But since narcissism depends out of narcissistic supply or the followers whom will adore the narcissus, the dogcraver, unable to get that supply from other humans, seeks a substitute and that substitute he finds in animals. But since he craves absolute control and absolute safety, the only thing that concerns him is the animal that is ready to unconditionally do his bidding. That “animal” is a mutant creature,proven and safe.

The dog.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The need

When we want something we think that something that we need, we are lacking and thus the need is created for that something. Same principle is valid in the case of the dogcraver. It is fairly safe than, to assume that the need for a dog companionship is created at the core of dogcravers personality. So understanding that need is crucial in understanding how one becomes the dogcraver. In order to uncover the need we will have to dive deep, deep to the core of the dogcraver personality. Let's go.

Following the rule that missing something creates craving or need to get that something, the basis for craving for dogs is that thing that is missing. So what is the thing that is missing? Well, since the nature of relationship between dogcraver and the dog is companionship, what is missing is contact or a relationship. All the dogcravers that I know, were created in some form of dysfunctional environment. Sometimes it is the dysfunctional family where there is no communication what so ever or it is a one way communication,sometimes it is a sudden loss or some other type of trauma. The thing that matters is that what ever happened is not understood and therefore it is not processed and comprehended. So since it is essentially an unknown it provokes unease feelings and ultimately fear. Fear from the unknown. If the mind doesn't find the way to logically confront itself with unknown and to overcome it (aka. to understand and to transform the unknown into the known) two things happen. The personality development gets trapped at that level and it is constantly drawn to the source of fear, consciously or unconsciously, constantly seeking ways to understand (overcome or conquer) the fear. Sometimes traumas accrue when the personality is so young that the memory of it gets stored in the form of emotions and not the rational thoughts and exists trough out the life as the emotion (positive or negative). Problem with those types of traumas is that they are very very hard to recognise let alone rationalise later on in life. But the thing is, that the brain is aware of the problem and it constantly seeks ways to deal with it. The way how it does, among other things, is trough various aids which are in essence a form of compensation. So since the harm or the fear has came from the side of humans, the logical compensation will be found in either material things or wealth or animals. And what is the best animal for that? One that is good and smart (some would say smarter than humans),one that knows how to love unconditionally, one that can turn at the moment notice from a companion to a defender and thus protector?

Yes,you got it right, our old friend THE DOG.

Let's compare the characteristic that are used by the consensus, to describe dogs.

Dogs are smart-that means that dogs are logical,thus predictable which translates to-SAFE.
Dogs are playful-that means that they are not hostile or represent a threat, which means that they are again-SAFE
Dogs are honest and sincere-which means that they are, yet again-SAFE.
Dogs are easily trained-which means that they can be controlled, which again means-SAFE.
Dogs are protective-again-SAFE.
Dogs are trustworthy-SAFE.

And so on and so on. Pretty much every single characteristic that is used to define the dogs, by the consensus, is another synonym for being SAFE. Add to that the general historical bond between dogs and humans, the legacy factor and you will end up with the perfect compensation for that ugly, disgusting fear that lurks in the back and breathes at the neck.

So the primary reason for the creation of the dogcraver is fear that cannot be overcome and as the result of failure to overcome, substitute is needed to make things work and that substitute is the dog.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The subject.

This blog is not about dogs, this blog is about dogcravers and the cult of the dog. Dogcravers are the primary problem, since they are the main reason why the cult of the dog was established,why it is getting stronger and why it has become the threat for every society where it is allowed to exist. They are the root of the problem, they are the reason why the interaction between humans and dogs has reached such an abysmal level of absurdity, threatening to demean the very core of human society.
For me, dog is not an animal. Dog is natural as much as butter is a natural product. The milk,out of which the butter is made, is natural, it comes out of the cow's breast and it is synthesised by the cow's metabolism, but the butter as it is, is an artificial product, made by humans. Thus, wolf and the coyote are animals while dogs, trough selective breeding or genetic engineering are artificial and unnatural creatures. You will never find in the nature packs of wild dobermans, pit bulls or French puddles that exist as indigenous form of life,not in the past or in the future. There are no fossils of prehistoric sabre toothed chihuahuas. However, what you will find are the evidences of domestication of wolves and later on, skeletons of various breeds next to their respective owners. So to wrap this up, dog is a tool, the biological tool, a “Biot” or biological robot, created out of natural ingredients and molded to serve a specific purpose. That is why the breeds of dogs similar to metal alloys that are created to fulfil the specific purpose, so the creation of specific breed is justified by the task that that breed needs to fulfil. Like that, we have working dogs,sheep heard dogs, war dogs, hunting dogs etc. The link, purpose-design, in this case the breed of the dog, was the main reason for the dog presence in the human society. However, as the human society developed, the need for dogs as tools diminished, as they got replaced with the machines and systems. But the dog legacy in the human history lead to the creation of a new role for a dog and that role was a role of pet animal or a pet-dog. And that is the exact moment when the problems accrued.

The basic problem is a simple one. Since breeds were made to fulfil specific tasks, the moment when the need for those tasks ceased, that meant that the reason for that breed's existence ceased also. That created the surplus of actually obsolete and useless tools, but thanks to the legacy, they were kept and were given a new role. However, the basic purpose of those tools remained and it couldn't be erased so from that moment the original purpose of the breed will always be in conflict with the new one. Having a retrieving or hunting dog as a pet, for an example, would mean that it,by design, needs enormous amount of physical activity, but if the owner's living space or life style doesn't allow that, the dog's need for physical activity suffers which leads to behavioural changes (making the dog more aggressive and destructive) and thus problems accrue.
Actually,at the end it is a form of abuse.

But again, it is not the tool's fault cause it is misused. It is the dogcravers fault for misusing the tool.
So one way or another, it all ends up with the dogcravers and that is why they are the primary subject for this analysis.

First step into the darkness

Writing about this will not be an easy task.

Almost on the all forums, Facebook pages or any other forms of discussion about this topic,often get shut down rather fast as they get labelled as malicious,that they support animal abuse or that they are in violation of general agreement. Hopefully this blog will not suffer the same fate.

So without further delay, lets get down to business.

The most prominent reason why those discussions get shut down is that they often carry names like I hate dogs, I despise dogs and such. The very word hate is enough to trigger a though process that than leads to page or discussion being banned and members excluded from the site. In the effort to justify their action, dogcravers state that they hate the hate, that they don't want the hate to exist and that hating dogs automatically means harming them or killing them. More extreme dogcravers go further when stating that, hating dogs is equal to hating humans and thus hating dogs means harming or killing humans. So dogcravers are acting in the best public interest, protecting it from the wicked minds that want to do harm to others.

However, this is a lie and I will go into the great length explaining why.