Friday, August 31, 2012

From the depths of despair...

For the dogcraver, any type of adjustment to the outside world, is the denial of his existence and it is perceived as the attack,aimed to destroy him. Since he is under the attack he has the right, the right of the victim to react and to rightfully defend his well being. Since he is defending himself he is always right and always just, he cannot be judged and therefore he cannot bear any consequence for the defence.

In the interaction with the outside world, two forces determine the behaviour of the dogcraver. The strength of the society and the strength of the dogcraver. If the society is stronger than the dogcraver the dogcraver will obey to the society rules but constantly seek ways to avoid them. If the society is weaker than the dogcraver, the dogcraver will always seek for the society to obey to him. In both ways the quest for dominance is the main driving force for the dogcraver. The dogcraver always seeks dominance and control, since only trough his own personal and absolute control, he can achieve total and absolute safety aka the only way how he could stay alive. So the struggle for dominance and control becomes the fight for life, fought always with the maximum stakes and with maximum energy.

As he begins the interaction with the outside world, the dogcraver assumes that must be welcomed. After all, he loves dogs that the society considers positive and good and thus expects that he will be accepted and thus safe. However he cannot be absolutely sure so he automatically begins his conquest of the world.

In his interaction with the world, he uses his dog as a medium of communication. Since he projects his personality onto the dog, the dog's behaviour becomes his behaviour. However the feedback ends up on the dog. The dogcraver, in his obsession with his own personal safety cannot be blamed for dog's actions cause dog and him are not the one, only him and dog are one. And since the dog is the animal it cannot be blamed for doing things cause as the animal it has no sense of right and wrong. So it cannot be judged. He lets his dog to do what ever the dog wants to do and expects others to accept that, unconditionally.

If the dog does the harm to others, it cannot be blamed cause, a-it doesn't have the notion of right or wrong, no moral judgement and b-since it is a good creature, if it did something wrong it was an accident or, more often,a provocation.

So dog is always the victim just as the dogcraver is.


  1. It's great to find an analysis like this ..

  2. This is beyond brilliant! Unfortunately, this is also too intelligent to be grasped by the majority of the society I live in... which is ruled by dogcravers. :/ Far too many of which are using pit bulls and other molossar breeds as ego extensions.... and the blood is flowing.