Tuesday, September 4, 2012

...to the eruption of madness

Due to the inability to control himself the dogcraver seeks ways to control the outside world and the others, in the attempt to achieve safety. His inner feeling of insecurity than turns into the desire for total dominance, since only than he can fell safe and be able to function. To put it in the most blunt way, since he is unable to adjust to the outside he adjusts the outside to himself.

The way how the dogcraver interacts with the outside world is trough his dog. The dog is the statement, the status symbol,the communication device for the outside world. Since the interaction with the outside is not personal, but it is done trough the device, the dogcraver is safely hidden behind the wall, disconnected from the reality. This detachment from the reality, is the basis for the further development of the dogcraver, since it gives him a sense of invulnerability. The dogcraver takes that as the definition of freedom and acts according to it.

Depending on the strength of the society the dogcraver will adjust his behaviour.

If the society has strict rules and laws, that are always accompanied by the penalties, this social conditioning will shape the dogcraver interaction with the reality. But since he is ever poised to dominate, when ever the freedom is given, that space of freedom will automatically be turned into the dogcraver's despotic dominion, thus nullifying the very thought of freedom. However, since he is poised to dominate all life, the dogcraver will constantly seek ways to expand and to conquer more and more ground and thus it will seek ways to influence the society to accept his need for more space aka his need for more domination. He will fight for his domination in every way shape or form, sacrificing everything with no mercy and without compassion. Actually, not sacrificing cause he can't sacrifice anything cause he counts the sacrificing as losing and for him sacrifice is the cost, the damage that needs to be avoided at all costs.

This is another trademark of the narcissistic nature of the dogcraver's personality. Everything is seen as merchandise and it is judged by its usefulness, by the benefits it brings to the dogcraver. Cause only thing that he values is his own personal well being, his safety.

If the society does not have the strict laws, the dogcraver expands uncontrollably. In these societies the laws are subjected to the dogcraver and are installed to protect him and his behaviour at the expense of others. His personal safety is above the safety of the whole society and thus everyone else feels insecure and subjected to the will of the dogcravers.


  1. This is an interesting commentary. I, too, have observed the "proverbial inch": If you give the malicious dog owner even a tiny bit of flexibility, they try to take over everything... and often succeed!

    Would you mind if I blogged about this? I will give you credit, of course.

    1. By all means. This story has a long way to go, thank you for reading it.