Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pit Bull-the final frontier part 2

The pit bull is that dark but rightful, pretender on the throne of dogs, that is always pushed aside. It is the outcast, the unwanted child, stripped of all entitlements. It is angry at the world and it doesn't give a fuck, it will get its rightful place at the dog palace. He is the king of underdogs.

In my country, the pit bull has been always associated with the criminal structures and with the people whom wanted to make the statement that they are not the ones to be fucked with. It has become a romantic anti hero, the dark and brutal breed but with the good and just heart. And only special people can reach out to that place of warmth and joy. Of course, this view is a bullshit theory by default. It is another attempt to exclude and to elevate the craver over the all other carvers. It is the battle for alpha supremacy and it really doesn't matter if the contest is being waged by pit bulls or French puddles. However, the pit bull has became widely available and it is especially adored by young, adolescent wannabe “bad asses” whom enjoy the joy of life trough bloodbaths, performed by their dogs on stray cats, stray dogs or if they are connected in the dog fighting arenas where big bucks await the most fortunate ones. The illegal dog fighting business has became a sort of a vent for the frustrated men whom want to make a good living without moving their dicks. It has became the symbol of the phenomenon that can be described as neo-barbarism which is the final destination of every dogcraver.

The fierce warrior and his beast, roaming around scorched earth dealing justice. Fast and with pain. Unsaddled with the norms and general rules, where everything is personal and thus exceptional, unique.

The pit bull personifies this “cult of self” and the promotion of self made image of exceptionalness.

It is the celebration of narcissism and its victory over the sacrifice, compassion and understanding.


  1. wow. call me. we need to chat.

  2. Stunning writing. Cult of self... celebration of narcissism... so succinct and perfect--quotable, even. Yet more evidence of upon which side of the pitbull issue intellect resides, IMHO. Guess the nutters are too busy vicariously defining themselves through their dogs to pick up a book or even think (beyond instant gratification and the immediate self). ;)