Friday, September 14, 2012

The Shitstorm

Another day passes and another dog more is in your neighbourhood. Another unnecessary decibel of noise and a couple of pounds of shit more is added to your lawn. But you are not paying the attention any more. You don't bother cleaning your shoes. You just don't care cause you are living in a dog's bowels now. You accepted that, it consumed you. You accepted the reality.

Approximately every three months you go to your doctor, cause you have e.coli infection. He gives you pills, you take the pills and its better. You see it can be done, no need to worry. At work your co-workers call you names behind your back, the shit bringer, the shit stepper, the shit jockey, but you don't care. You don't care about anything any more.

Than on that day when you got fired, as you were getting out of your car, you were knocked down by the overwhelming force. The stink force and the caring fake voice in the distance:” I am sorry, he didn't meant to, he likes to play”. You lie down, next to the pile of freshly disposed dog shit, covered slime and a mastiff staring in your face as the saliva oozing from his mouth. Barf,barf,barf, in your face, barf.-” C'mon Caesar, good boy,come, come sweety, come to mammy”. You get up and drag to your house. The pile of unpaid bills lies on the floor and as you step on them, the footprint of shit stays on them. But you don't care. You need a shower so you take the shower. You make a meal and lie down.

You stare at the invisible dot and you have no thoughts, your mind is empty. Woof,woof, arfff,arfff wooof, wooof, aaarff, barfff, wooof, wooff is all you can hear. It is all you can think of, it is all you can remember, it is the only thing you can recognise.

You go to sleep and so you sleep. But you don't dream, you sleep a dreamless sleep. When you wake up you wake up in a shit storm, shit is raining down on you and the barking thunders all day and night. Every day, every week,every month,every year till the end of all times.

For all eternity.

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