Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chronicles of absurdity,Act Five "It's good to be an idiot"

The dogcravers accomplished their goal, the Dominion was created and thus the dogtopia came to life. However that didn't stop animal abuse and brutal things started to happen. Dogs were poisoned, beaten and brutalised. First arrests were made on the charge for animal abuse. The accused people didn't had a chance. The first and oldest NGO formed the alliance with similar organisations around the world. During this whole time, absolutely no shelters were built by this organisation. All the money that they got from the donations, went on rescuing the new SUV, the new flat screen HD TV, and some of that money went on bizarre campaigns, billboards and commercials that had zero effect on the population. The greatest success was setting up an call centre for the animals, however this call centre was not for OUR animals, but trough the wonders of technology it was another outsourcing deal for the foreign customers.

During this period, the number of stray dogs sky-rocketed. In 2000 the estimated figure was around 1500, than it rose to 3500 in 2005 and than in 2010 it is estimated that 10.000 mark has been breached. In 2012 this number is likely to be 15.000 to 20.000 if not more.

In my neighbourhood the figure goes like this:

1990 number of stray dogs:2
1991 number of stray dogs:4
1992 number of stray dogs:5
1993 number of stray dogs:4
1994 number of stray dogs:6
1995 number of stray dogs:3
1996 number of stray dogs:4
1997 number of stray dogs:4
1998.number of stray dogs:5
1999 number of stray dogs:4
2000 number of stray dogs:4
2001 number of stray dogs:7
2002 number of stray dogs:6
2003 number of stray dogs:4
2004 number of stray dogs:3
2005 number of stray dogs:7
2006 number of stray dogs:16
2007 number of stray dogs:10
2008 number of stray dogs:10
2009 number of stray dogs:8
2010 number of stray dogs:9
2011 number of stray dogs:7
2012 number of stray dogs:8

However in the other neighbourhoods the numbers are similar. In the nearby vicinity of my neighbourhood, which can be loosely interpreted as 10 block radius, there are around 70 stray dogs and around 130 owned.

The fact that no one keeps the records about stray dogs population is the direct consequence of the loose laws and impotence that was created by this law and due to efforts of NGO sector. The latest addition to the humanism of the dogcravers is the rule that all shelters must be no kill shelters and that only aggressive dogs are terminated, if they fail to pass the behaviour test. Yearly 2000 people are bitten in our capital city while minor bites go unnoticed. This statistic is just for our capital city, in other cities and rural areas, complete chaos rules.
During the 2005 to 2008 the most massive slaughtering of stray cats happen, peaking in August 2006 when one dog managed to kill 12 cats in one month. My local dogcraver whom is THE responsible one for the stray problem, managed to get the dog out of the city, claiming that the dog is good guard dog. Her friend which took the dog was thrilled. However, the dog managed to slaughter one lamb and 12 chickens at the farm.

It was returned to our neighbourhood, but this time it was spayed, but still in the good mood for cracking the cats spines. In addition he is the leader of the new pack of 4 dogs that are lurking across my neighbourhood always in the mood for some kitten munching. The other 4 guard the fast food joint.


  1. 15,000-20,000 stray dogs in an area roughly size of indiana plus delaware.
    that's a crisis. that is intolerable. i am surprised that you haven't started blogging this problem sooner.

    it would be interesting to know how the naturally dog aggressive pit bulls are adapting and evolving in this crisis. is their aggressive DNA being watered down or are they injecting a boost of overall aggression in normal dogs.

    a side note on your neighborhood timeline, the peak in 2006, that is the same year the pit bull population exploded around me.

    1. The rough estimate is that Belgrade the capital city, which has around 2 million people has 80.000 registered dogs plus around 15.000-20.000 strays in the urban area. The number of pit bulls the pure blooded American Pit Bulls is around 3500 registered and most likely that number is twice as high when the unregistered ones. The cross breeds, well no one counts them.
      From what I saw, it appears that pit bull DNA is not very stable one since dogs that have pit bull treats are somewhat rare. On the other hand, German Shepherd DNA is the basis for our stray dog population, mixed with Labrador and other hunting dogs mixes. Also as the super exclusive treat of my neighbourhood we have one guy whom owns the Gray wolf, which is the against all sanity.

    2. my condolences. i hope that wolf does not SOMEHOW manage to inject his DNA in the stray population.

  2. No Dawn, this is the figure for the capital city which is 869 km2 (336 sq miles). The total number of dogs in the entire Serbia is roughly 5-6 million.