Monday, September 10, 2012

Trough the fields of sorrow...

The dogcraver social interaction is very complex in its form, but in its essence is very simple. It is very simple,cause it is driven by the desire to control while the ways of how to achieve that control are practically limitless. So, for now, to put it simple, there is a group of people within our society that has the wish to unconditionally dominate all aspects of life. Problem is that, that “all aspects” includes lives of other people and thus the interaction between this group and the other groups, exists.

Problem with the dogcravers is that they own dogs. Dogs are carnivores, they are social and they are territorial. Since all human beings are made, for the most part, out of meat, the very fact that the dog is a carnivore leads to the first aspect of the reality of carnivore's life, and that aspect is that it eats meat. Since humans are meat and the carnivore eats meat, that leads to the fact that, if conditions are right, the carnivore will see human as a prey, it will attack it,kill it and eat it. Cause that is what carnivore animal is doing in order to survive, that is its essence,that is its life. This fact, cannot be obscured by any law,legislation, or mindset, cause it is simply the FACT of life, dogs have jaws and those jaws have teeth and that jaw is designed to crush bones and to remove chunks of meat form the prey.

Therefore, the reality of the dogcraver is a man with a carnivore animal along his side and that makes him a threat to others.

Since dogs are social organisms, they tend to view humans as dogs and, due to the pack mentality social hiearchy forms. The pack mentality is the enabler for the dog, since in the wild, pack as form of existence enables the wild carnivores to hunt down much larger prey, prey that they are unable to take out on their own. The strength of many, the power of the pack, multiplies the “sense” of strength in the individual dog and thus changes its behavioural patterns. So the pack of two, the dogcraver and the dog is the setting in which dog is enabled to be more powerful. This duo is than doubles the threat since not only that the dog is a threat on its own, by just being a dog, it is empowered by the very presence of the dogcraver.

Therefore, the reality of the dogcraver is that he and his dog are dangerous mix, since they are the basic unit of two, the basic unit of the pack, with the dogcraver being the alpha male or the leader of that pack.

The third characteristic is the territoriality of the dog. Dogs are territorial animals, they conquer and dominate the physical spaces. This means that the dogcraver space is, in most cases, the dog's space too. It is the dominion of that pack. Also this means that when ever the dogcraver takes his dog for a walk, that space moves with them. The area of influence is dynamic. As the dogcravers move, they move their dominion with them and within that dominion they dominate.

Therefore, the reality of the dogcraver is that he owns the physical space and that that physical space is not static, yet it is dynamic. It is RANGE of influence, like the radar in a fighter jet. As the fighter jet flies, everything that is within its radar range can be destroyed. Can be killed. And since the death is final, it doesn't offer the choice aka you can't be slightly dead or less dead, the finality of death makes the death a FACT. So the space around the dogcraver is a kill zone and therefore its a threat, making the total threat that the dogcravers present in reality, triple.

Those things are simply FACT and not the FICTION. 


  1. well, i am not so sure these are facts.

    i believe "dogs" are omnivores, not carnivores and they are scavengers, not hunters - EXCEPT for gripping dogs, ie dogs bred for fighting and baiting.

    1. According to my brother whom is a veterinarian they are and according to the biology studies.

      Dogs are carnivores but they are not exclusive carnivores as feline family is. This means that they can eat plants just as well as meat, but they can't became pure herbivores. Pure morphology of their jaw, the teeth or fangs, the musculature shows that they are not built to munch raspberries or eat cabbage soup yet to tear meat and crush bones.