Saturday, September 22, 2012

Barbarism of the dog owneship

During the 90'es, I've witnessed the total collapse of the state and the order. The old federation was failing on every basis and the system was disintegrating by each passing day. Not only that the meaning of law has been shattered but also the, unwritten, norms of behaviour. As the conditions of living worsen, people lost much of their humanity or should I say, social sanity. They tend to back down to more basic and therefore primitive setting.

So what has happened during the civil war of the 90'es in the neighbourhoods and in the smaller cities was actually an process of de civilisation or tribalisation of the neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood and its residence became the separate tribe. So each tribe had its own pack that was serving as the protector of that tribe. These tribes actually formed higher form of organisation aka the clans. As the disintegration of the society continued, these clans started to think of a way how to survive in the resource and money scarce environment and they turned to criminal activity. Now by the very definition, the criminal activity exists as such only if the law exist. If there is no law there is no criminal activity.

What happen next, was the logical step that every tribe and every clan had its own rules, that are sometimes perceived as mutually beneficial but sometimes they were cause for conflict. This lead to the explosion of violence in the series of gang wars fought for supremacy over the territory and population. Or to put it simply, for the market.

However, the problem with this course of events, lies in the very nature of the law generation process. The civilised way to do it is to give everyone equal rights to live and to prosper, but in the case of barbaric way the goal is to protect own personal interest from the others, by conditioning the behaviour of the others to be powerless and thus dependant on barbarian. It is not so the matter of choice, if you are not with us you are against us, it is more an request, either you are with us or you don't exist at all.

The role of the dog in this setting is pivotal. The dog can be publicly displayed and thus it enables the person to send the message by creating an image. You don't get the same perception if you see an old woman walking her Beagle and the hooded, tattooed muscle man walking a pit bull. The first impression is that the hood with the pit bull is dangerous while the granny with the beagle is good. However the looks might be deceiving, cause the hood with the pit bull can be an really nice guy and the granny with the beagle can be an serial killer. But the first perception is the one that it counts and that perception states that hood is bad and that granny is good.

This was the primary reason for the explosion of pitbullery in Serbia during the 90'es. A guy that looks like a gangsta and walks his pit bull is the someone you don't want to mess with, you don't want to talk to him, you don't want to look at him. So there was a whole avalanche of these walking billboards that wanted to make an statement that they are bad asses. But since bad ass is essentially an ass, usually when you talk to someone you talk to the head not to the butt.

Since most of those bad asses were actually poor guys that wanted to be seen as rich real gangsta guys, they were seeking ways to make an easy cash. So they started to cash in on their pit bulls. This lead to the emergence of pit bull fighting. It was all fine and dandy until in 1995 in our main boulevard the 4 year old girl didn't lost her face. The pit bulls were banned for one simple reason, it happened in the public place, it was obvious, it was horrific and it couldn't be hidden. So the regime took the swift action and banned the pit bulls. But since the whole regime was based on the perception or image, the pit bull ban was just that, another public relationship stunt. They went illegal and served as the breeding ground and the criminal recruiting operation. The dog fighting became very profitable business and in a sense it is the controlled and conditioned environment where most basic urges and pathology would be satisfied. Kind of a pure alpha male, testosterone furnace, deprived of all cultural and civilisation norms and laws. And as such, in the environment that didn't offered any future what so ever, just an “the eternal present”,that repeats itself in the endless loops, there was no shortage of young, hormonally challenged men, that had no value system to look at,this pseudo barbarism was the only option.
As the regime became more and more isolated from the population the void that was created by this was filled with barbaric practices and barbaric ways. So when it was taken down, the barbarisation took over.

During the 2000-2010 it went trough several stages as it tried to legitimise itself and to become accepted as the normal form of behaviour. But since it can't be cause it is fundamentally opposed to the common good and common interest, everything that it does is nothing more than the pure and total destruction.

So the barbarism of pitbullery spilled over the entire dog ownership and became the norm in the behaviour between dog owners and the public. You will find this in every dog owner/dogcraver regardless if he has a pit bull, golden retriever or a French puddle. The control is rejected by the default, by the default every public space belongs to the dogs and dogcravers, all should bow down before them and all should recognise them as positive and good. No one should ever judge them, because everything they do comes out of love and joy. Everything is justified by the love, endless barking, mauling of cats and smaller dogs, mauling and killing of people, shitting up every single public space, regardless if it is a park, soccer field, river bank or wild nature.

Everything belongs to them and everything is theirs for the taking.


  1. are the problems of barbarism, dogs and decay in serbia also occurring in the rest of the collapsed land mass formerly known as yugoslavia?

    1. As far as I know, Croataia is holding on, but barley, Bosnia is a total mess, I had a very long conversation with them a while ago and they are totally desperate, Kosovo also has stray problem, but Albanians do not suffer from soft heart so they deal with them in an only way possible, via bullet through the head, Macedonia is similar to Serbia as well as Montenegro. The only republic that managed to solve this in a right way is Slovenia.