Friday, September 14, 2012

What is really happening or WTF? paradox.

If the dogcraver thinks that submission is love, than the acceptance is an act of surrender. Since everything in his world is unconditional, the act of acceptance is, in fact, an act of unconditional surrender. Capitulation in other words. But since the capitulation is a form of submission it can be interpreted as the ultimate form of submission. So their motto would be than, we love dogs and we want to be accepted as such by the society, actually means we control the dogs and we want to control the society.

We demand complete and unconditional surrender of society to us.

Those people are not changing the society, they are transforming it into something different. However the change is not the transformation. Changing something means, replacing it with something else with the context in mind, while the transformation represents altering the context of that existing one. In other words in this case, the change would be a new law that prohibits animal abuse while the transformation would be allowing the animal unrestricted lifestyle. It is the denial of law or the context in which one thing exists. Again, in the case of change, the dog attack can be seen as an act of violation of rules (either the person was in a place where it shouldn't be or the dog was in a place where it shouldn't be) while the transformation in this case, rules don't exist at all to begin with, so the person and the dog can be anywhere at all times, and the outcome of that contact is irrelevant since it doesn't have the context. It is not defined at all either by the circumstances or by involved parties, yet it is an act of pure chance and randomness. The dog can be aggressive toward one person but friendly toward many or the person can be aggressive toward one breed but friendly toward many so each case must be seen as special and unique with the accepted base that all dogs are good and useful while the humans are conciousness beings that are able to think in advance and therefore have the responsibility for their safety and the safety of the dog. The dog, since it doesn't have the conscience cannot be judged and is always innocent while the human can.
On that way, the human behaviour is conditioned with the dog's unconditionality.

This transformation places the human and the dog at the same level and it judges them equally but in the same time the basis for that judgement is based on inequality. It automatically assumes that the dog is not responsible and that human is.

So how the extreme inequality, where one side has no responsibility and other one has all the responsibility can be considered as equal situation to begin with? It can if you don't have the context. I know that it is messed up but I will try to explain graphically.

The dogcraver is a person that loves trees and the normal person loves trees also. So there is mutual consensus, they both love trees and they agree on that one. The dogcraver is a person that has no boundaries while the normal person has. Since they both love trees they plant them. But the dogcraver, since it has no boundaries starts to plant trees in the normal person's yard and wants to plant them in his house. While the normal person is at work, the dogcravers tears down the normal person's house and plants trees. Than he proceeds to plant trees on the road that leads to their homes. The trees are super trees, they grow in a second, so the normal person heads out from work to his home and finds the forest. At first he is surprised and cannot believe his eyes. Than he starts to cut the trees in order to clear the way to get to his house. The dogcraver sees that and attacks him, yelling “Why do you kill the trees, don't you love them?How rotten you are, you tricked me”.The normal person is confused but it is getting late and he needs to go to his house. So he clears the path to his house, gets to the address but the house is gone. In the same time the dogcraver phones the Govt. and says that his neighbour has gone insane, that he hates nature and that he is cutting down the forest illegally. The Govt. dispatches the agents and they arrive at the scene. The thing that they find is a man sitting and crying, the chainsaw is still hot and above him the dogcraver points out at him labelling him as the enemy of the nature. The normal person tries to explain the Govt. agents that his house is gone and that road was gone, but the agents don't believe him cause all they see is the forest and he has cut down the forest illegally so they arrest him. While he is in jail the dogcraver that loves trees gets promoted for protecting the nature and becomes the president of the state cause he cares selfishly for the nature and thus all of us. The first thing that he does as a President is to change the sentence for the normal person to a death penalty for cutting down the trees. So the normal person is executed. Than he bans cutting of trees and so trees grow without control everywhere. On the railways, on the highways, on the airports, in the city, in the suburbia...blocking the development of the society. The society stagnates and than crumbles down.

During this period, the dogcraver that loves trees, is absolutely convinced that he is doing the right thing, he loves trees.

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