Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Dogtopia

In my country you will rarely find the dogcraver that loves,cares or owns any other animal rather than dog/dogs. However this occurrence is quite common in the western world. I was always amazed with this setting, when a person owns cats and dogs and than states that it can be done. So I've decided to dig a bit deeper into this setting. What I've found didn't amazed me at all, but it did gave a certain feel of absurdity to analyse the dogcravers afterwards.

All dogcravers whom own cats and dogs, treat all animals as dogs.

Even if it is a cat,mouse,parrot,snake, horse it doesn't matter. In their mind it is a dog, although it isn't in reality. At first I couldn't stop laughing cause this setting was so insane and absurd that it is totally bizarre. But than it got me. For them, EVERYTHING is a dog. Even a truck, a tree, a continent, planets, nebulas, galaxies....The whole freaking universe is a dog. That is why they act so weird and that is why they make such idiotic comments and have such idiotic logic. For them it is completely normal to think like that cause they live in that world of smoke and mirrors where one illusion breads another and than another and another, creating a completely,not false, but ALTERNATE reality. The Dogtopia.

In the dogtopia, dogs are safe form human harm thus meaning that all humans love them. All human own them, cause they love them. All humans are dogcravers. This setting eliminates the need for services such as animal control or shelters, cause no dogs will ever be abandoned. There will be dogs without the owners but since everyone loves them, every home is their home and the entire society is their owner. They can roam free where ever they want, do what ever they want and they are always welcomed on the entire planet. Imagine yourself sleeping and than in 3 am you hear the barking in front of your yard. You are obligated to get out of the bed, let the dogs in your house, feed them, play with them and let them stay in your house as long as they feel like it. All this time you have to be with them, you can't go to work, you have to cater to their needs and always carry a smile on your face. Dogs can go everywhere, they can go into the hospitals, in the surgery rooms, in the kindergarten, they can play with kids and children. And if they kill one or more of them it is ok, it is natural. It is an accident.

You shouldn't see this as conditioning but as a chance to be connected with the nature and nature is the reality. So be real and accept it. Grow up.

When they say that I need to grow up I really want to piss in my pants from laughter. A person that is emotionally locked in a alternate reality, in which it sees the dog as a child and itself as eternal parent, locked in the relationship that has a sole purpose to STOP emotional development and thus growing up, is telling me to GROW UP?

But for real, it is not funny any more, it is not funny to tell them to GROW DOWN. Their destruction is no longer acceptable.

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