Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The dogcraver in its pursuit for total dominance will constantly seek ways to expand its influence. In that quest they will seek to undermine and destroy the very laws that govern one society. The way how they are doing that is by violating the previous setting, conquer it and than destroy it. Than on the rubble of the former order they build a new. And the way how they build it is by not building it. That is right, the order of the dog is a the absolute havoc with no rules what so ever, no limitation, no structure. It is the VOID.

That real void is the reflection of the void within every dogcraver, that exists behind that protective shell that protects the very core of the dogcraver. Also in his relationship with the outside world all that the dogcraver do, except creating the void, is a-VOID-ing the rules and norms of the society, subverting them and the society to his will. Void is their natural habitat, it is the setting where they rule, where nothing exists except them. The dogcraver considers the void as a free place, free of rules,free of other influences that limit and condition freedom. His freedom must be unconditional. His unconditionality conditions him to seek unconditional freedom for himself, thus conditioning all other with his unconditionality. His unconditional love towards himself must be unconditionally respected and recognised, it must be accepted as such or not at all.
And since he loves the animal that is recognised as good and useful, he identifies the image of that animal with the animal that he owns or in other words he identifies with that image. He becomes the dog. He is loving, forgiving,just,fierce defender of suppressed and oppressed, he is the one that bares the torch, he is the leader, the most enlighten one, spiritual beyond any doubt. With his dog he is a super hero that fights for justice. He is friendly and kind to others but he knows the difference between right and wrong and he judges that. Oh boy does he judges.
Since he is naturally attuned to the known and familiar his statements reflect all that. The dog is a man's best friend, the dogs are good, the dogs love beyond, the dogs know who is bad and who is good and all empty phrases that you can think of.
They absolutely adore to point out service dogs as the ultimate proof of the doggy goodness. Dogs rescue people, dogs seek people, dogs save people. That means that dogs are good and if I own a dog I am good. The fact that various services use TRAINED dogs as biological TOOLS is overlooked.

This lunacy of this logical construct can be described as this.

-" The ambulance car transports the injured to the hospital, so ambulance car is helpful. So I will buy an ambulance car and drive it as my own vehicle cause I love people, although I don't know jack about medicine or treating the trauma injuries. But by driving the ambulance van I am stating that I am good and that I cannot be judged. Even if I run over a person, a child, go trough your yard, house."

The disconnection from the purpose or meaning, is another trademark of the dogcraver. All dogs are breed in order to fulfil certain tasks that are useful for humans. That is why the dogs are useful and appreciated by humans, because they are useful AT CERTAIN ROLES. The role of the pet animal has no usefulness beyond the owner's home or yard. Cause it serves to make the owner feel good and to cater to his emotional needs. It has no role for the others it doesn't have the purpose for the community. Why than the dogcravers can't accept the fact that their personal relationship with the dog is their own thing?

Well, because the dogcravers are people with boundary issues. They don't know where they start and where they end. Since they don't know where they start and where they end, they don't know where others start and where others end. Thus as they expand their sphere of influence they violate other people lives and spaces. And they do so not because they want to do it, but because they have no definition since they don't know where their boundaries are. And they have no definition cause the basis of their personality is again-the VOID.


  1. Interesting essay. Allow me to make one minor quibble. You say: "the order of the dog is a the absolute havoc with no rules what so ever, no limitation, no structure".

    I'd say that is MOSTLY correct. They do not want any limitations, boundaries or rules imposed upon THEM. However, they DO demand protection for their dogs from the State. In other words, there should be legal protection FOR the dog, but no legal protection FROM the dog.

    For example, many dog nuts demand that drivers of automobiles that accidentally hit dogs running in the road face criminal liability (including the death penalty!). However, they also demand that there be no leash laws, or that leash laws summarily be ignored. Therefore, they demand protection FOR their dogs but not FROM their dogs. In this case, they are free to turn their dog loose in the road (in violation of the leash laws) but the driver should face a penalty even though they were behaving (operating the vehicle) legally.

    Ironically, this "Policy" has resulted in some serious problems for the "dog cravers" themselves. One result of the previously mentioned double standard is that the so-called Pit Bull Problem has been allowed to explode in most of the civilized world. See my "Hoist" essay for more details, but the bottom line is that dog owners are now being victimized by members of their own over-class.

    1. That will come in the third part of the story. This whole blog is actually the book,with chapters and follows the line of progression from the individual, toward the individual interaction with the outside world, to grouping, forming lobbies and how they subvert and corrupt the society to serve them. Your blog is excellent and I like it very much.