Saturday, September 15, 2012

I shit you NOT!!!

So,what shall we do?

We have identified the main cause of this new threat that was able to creap up to our doorsteps unnoticed. It is a movement, consisted out of people whom refuse to grow up and are doing everything they can to transform the reality so that it can suite them. Instead of creating grown up, responsible society the construction of the largest kindergarten is in progress. The problem is that, instead of toys they play with genetically engineered organisms that crave for blood and soul of every living thing that walks on the Earth. They have developed the symbiotic relationship with this organism, thus creating a new life form, the dogcraver, which combines the brute force of dog's jaw, loudness of its roar with nasty personality treats. No matter how problematic they are, they are intelligent and that is what makes them dangerous. It makes them dangerous cause they are blood lusty and intelligent.

They are able to organise themselves into the movement and as such, they fight for their rights within the system and the system, since it wants to provide stability, caters to their needs as well as it caters ours. Problem is that the system is catering one group which lifestyle cancels the lifestyle of another group, thus making the system work against one group. You know, the friend of my enemy is my enemy.
But this analogy can be considered valid however the more appropriate comparison would be that in the soul asylum the insane people are the doctors and personnel, not the patients.

For the western readers take the good look at the pictures of the dominion, this is your final destination, with one big exception. Unlike our situation, your mutts are pure breed killers, pit bulls and pit bull mixes. If you think that this is untrue, well, I am sorry to disappoint you cause this process is well under way, assuming that what I read on blogs is true. And I don't have the reason to doubt cause I recognise the patterns and sequences, cause I've been trough all this.

With this the story about the dogcravers as a group is over and we are moving towards the final frontier, the society. How it reacts to this behaviour, why it fails,what are the consequences and at the end what the future brings.


  1. Welcome Professor! I'm a fan and look forward to considering your thoughts, interesting thoughts.

  2. "Instead of creating grown up, responsible society the construction of the largest kindergarten is in progress."

    This nugget is PURE GOLD. I love the word-smithing here... though I don't think I'd give the nutters so much credit in the cognitive department. I think their effectiveness and spread is due to hive-mind and mindless hype more than intelligence. ...akin to the 'what is right'=/='what is popular' shebang. They are successful in the way zombies are successful in overrunning their fictional worlds--through sheer numbers and relentless invasion.

    Regardless, you are brilliant! <3