Monday, September 10, 2012

"It doesn't bite"

How many times you've heard this quote? Spoken from yards away by the dogcraver, while the dog is inches away from you or your loved one. It doesn't bite.

It doesn't bite can be interpreted in many ways and I will go trough all of them.
The first way is that you shouldn't be afraid of it. That means that the carnivore that is inches away from you or your loved one, is not a carnivore. Cause carnivores bite and this one won't. But the problem is, that the carnivore didn't said that, that is being said by your fellow human being. So you identify with the human being, since he or she are the same as you, so you assume that his or her statement is true. However, the organism in front of you is a carnivore and it didn't said that it won't bite. Tough, huh? So you have the dilemma, what is true and what is not true. If you believe the fellow human that you won't be bitten is the truth does that in way cancels the possibility of you being bitten? No it doesn't. Your mind has instincts, very primitive “logical circuits” that pin point if something is a threat or not and the carnivores are threat, cause you are made out of meat and carnivores eat meat. They eat you. But the more advanced, developed part of your brain, is now in conflict cause you have the information that you won't be bitten,given to you by your fellow human and you have the information that you are threaten by the carnivore in front of you. Since you know that being bitten means pain or death, your organism prepares for defence while your cognitive part of the brain tries to suppress that cause it acts according to the abstract thought, the information that the craver said, that you won't be bitten. So you have a conflict in your mind, you have a struggle. As the result of your struggle, your body reacts in a chemical way, sending hormones and pheromones that than get picked up by the carnivore in front of you, signalling that you are afraid and that you are weaker that than triggers the reaction which is that it is safe to attack and so you are attacked and bitten.

- Pause and rewind to the start.

The second way how you can interpreted the statement that it doesn't bite as the warning issued by the dogcraver. The dogcraver knows that his dog can bite. But he doesn't care, cause he is a narcissist and the only thing that he cares about is himself. He won't be bitten, you will. However, having his dog bite someone, can provoke the reaction form the setting, he can be judged, he can be submitted to the will other than his, and that is a denial of his existence, so he feels obligated to give you a warring. It doesn't bite in this case means :”I was never bitten so it may not bite you as well, not that I give a fuck if it does, though”. So his statement is an justification for the things that might happen. It is an alibi. However, in his mind the his dog has already attacked you and bite you, but he announced it thus warned you of the possibility that you will be harmed. By saying that his dog doesn't bite although that it does, means that he is conditioning you to take his word as the reality, cause if you take his word as the reality, you will be safe. The dog bites you.

- Again, pause and rewind to the start.

The third way how you can interpreted this statement is as the demonstration of power, by the dogcraver. The dogcraver knows that dog bites, but he doesn't care. He is giving you his word, he is convincing you that he is in control, that he is the master of his dog, that he knows how his dog behave and that it is ok. He wants you to recognise his dominance over his dog and over you. Therefore you must take his word as the absolute proof of the truth, cause if you don't you will be bitten. So, you are bitten.

So now you are screaming from pain as the dogcraver tries to regain the control over his carnivore. The damage has been done and that is the FACT. You were attacked and you were bitten. Why that has happened.
Answers given by the dogcraver are:
  1. I don't know, it never did this before.
  2. It attacked you cause you were afraid of it. The dog reacted by its instincts so it is your fault cause you are afraid of the dogs. You provoked it with your fear. It was an accident.
  3. It attacked you cause you were afraid of it and you were afraid of it cause you know that dogs can sense fear. I am not afraid of the dogs, I love them, the whole society loves them, they are the man best friend, but you, you don't see things that way, which means that you have something against me, against the dogs, against the society. So it must be that you are the bad person and you know that dogs attack bad persons, not the good ones like me. It is your fault and you deserved it. The justice has been served.

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