Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chronicles of absurdity, Act One-" the Last days of normality"

This is the story of how the Dominion was created, how it endured and how now it rules supreme. As any good narcissus I needed the pompous title so there you have it, the Chronicles of absurdity. Catchy?Wink...:)

Before the collapse, this place was a decent place to live. Well, at least on the surface it was. The big star of the 80'es was the German Shepherd dog. This breed was popularised on the basis of the communist myth, that during the second world war, the lifetime president and the leader of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito was saved by his German Shepherd named Lux from the shell explosion. The legend goes that the dog heard the incoming round and threw it self on to the Tito, saving his life while losing its own. This selfless act served as a proof of absolute goodness of the dog and was just another myth among tomes of myths about doggies.

The validity of this story cannot be confirmed or denied, but considering the gap between the image of the dog and the dog, I think that it is quite safe to say that this story is a bullshit. The dog was simply thrown away by the blast's shock wave and its body received most of the shrapnel.

However, the role of the German Shepherd in the second world war waged in the Balkans has the dark side as well. These dogs were often used in killings of captured resistance fighters and civilian supporters, by letting them maul and disembowel the prisoners. In retaliation the captured dogs were equally brutalised by the guerilla, as their tongues would be cut off and than they would either suffocate in their own blood or die slowly of starvation and thirst.

But that was overlooked (as it is in any story of the dogs) so the German Shepherd was the good one and we have to be thankful cause it created our state so everyone wanted one. And so everyone got one.
Back than, it was considered normal that if you notice the stray dog, to report it to the animal control service. Animal control service would respond and the dog was caught. Back than, the stray dogs were considered as a threat to public health and were terminated immediately. The result of this setting was that the owners took a good care of their dogs, took them for a walks always with the leash and if the dog had a nasty temper, it had a muzzle, and that there was no stray dogs on the streets. The dogcravers of those times, took the word walk the dog literary, so they would often run with their dogs on leash which contributed to their and the dog's good health. The only animals that were in abundance were cats, but they also were subjected to the animal control. However, people saw them to be useful cause they would take care of the mice and rat issues. In the rural areas, the problem of stray dogs was solved in the old fashion way, by the hunter's lodge,with the lead therapy.

But the dark clouds were gathering on the horizon.

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