Thursday, September 13, 2012

Termination of reality.

In the most advanced countries, the developed world, the 1st world countries the perception of a dog is skewed. It is skewed due to the one simple fact and that is that in those countries the rule of law has been kept with more or less undisturbed continuity. Yes there were some disturbances but they never left the mutually recognised consensus that dictates how things ought to be done. Even world wars were, in that sense, fought with that “agreement” in mind. This setting created in a sense, a “controlled” environment that has only one base and that base is mutually recognised common ground also known as THE CONSENSUS about common good. You will find expressions of this setting trough out the entire western world, in forms of various alliances, treaties, the Commonwealth, the European Union, the United States, NATO, UN and so on. I will not venture in the nature of those structures, yet I will just state that those are simply STRUCTURES that reside on the common interest or common good. This controlled setting is govern by the rule of law and norms that are undisputed, recognised as positive and beneficial for the common good. They are the general setting that applies to all, and thus they define and/or control the events that happen within that environment. Therefore all the relationships between parties within that setting reside on that base.

Until now.

This agreement also defines and shapes the relationship towards pets and in this case the pet dogs. Owner's responsibilities were simple and straight forward. The dog was seen as the useful animal that had its place within the society, and that place was again defined by the role that was meant for it. It belonged to the order. But there was one other even simpler fact that is crucial for this story. Back than, there was simply LESS of them. Since there was less of them, they were easier to control and to define.

This controlled setting and the fairly limited contact or presence of dogs within the society formed that image of a dog as useful and later on good by default, animal. However the real reality of the dog is something completely opposite than this. It is neither good or useful by default, yet it is an organism with some really nasty and dangerous treats, that can prove devastating for the nature. However the controlled setting obscures these treats and the current DOGmatics deny the very existence of those treats. But in the uncontrolled and ungoverned setting those treats are clearly noticeable and cannot be denied. So I will go trough all of them.

The dog is not a natural organism, there are no wild packs of Doberman or Pit bulls in the nature or in any ecosystem. There is no sabretooth prehistoric Chihuahuas fossils. The dog is an organism that is genetically engineered by humans, trough selective breeding and as such it is intentional. It was done with the purpose. The breeds came to pass not by natural selection but by genetic manipulation. In other words, the dog is not an animal although it is indisputably perceived as one. Wolf and the coyote are animals, hyenas are animals but the dog isn't. Even the dingo, the Australian wild dog is not the indigenous animal to the Australian soil, yet it is the normal dog brought by the settlers and released into the wild, where it became the wild dog.

But the cult of the dog, so well established within the general consensus, demands that dog is perceived as animal. This delusion goes so deep that even in the scientific community all canine species are often clumped into the so called “dog family”, and they count wolves,coyotes,hyenas although these animals have nothing in common with the dog, except similar morphology or looks.

All dogs share three main and well known treats:

  1. It is the carnivore although not exclusive as feline family is.
  2. It is the social organism, which means that it has the tendency to form social order or packs. But unlike wolves whom usually form packs during the winter dogs constantly form packs.
  3. It is the territorial organism, which means that it is bounded to the physical space, the territory or the hunting ground.

However, there is the fourth treat that is deliberately hidden by the DOGmatics. The dog is, above anything else, the BLOOD LUST organism.

There are very few organisms within the ecosystem that have this characteristics. It is found mostly within ferrets, weasels, tigers, dolphins and it is almost exclusive characteristics of all canines.
Being a blood lust organism in essence means, that this type of organism kills for thrills, it hunts down its prey not only cause it is hungry or it is engaged in some form of territorial dispute. It kills simply cause it likes to kill. Once it gets the chance to kill it kills until it kills all, until it exterminates completely that what it kills.

The dog cultist interpret this characteristics as the dog's desire to fight, that it is built to fight but that is not true. Also they tie this characteristics to some type of dog's abuse or any other type of wrong upbringing by the owner. This however is again, another smoke screen, introduced to elevate the role of the dogcraver.
Other people often mistake the cats behaviour when it brings animals that it hunted down to the owner doorstep as the proof of its blood lust. The cat considers humans as cats and it brings the prey as an example to its human owners that it treats as kittens. It TEACHES them how it is done. Also cat needs to practice so it often plays with its prey before it eats it. In some cases, it doesn't eat the prey but that is because it has the more secure source of food, aka the owner. In the wild, however, nothing goes to waste and this behaviour doesn't exist.

Dog kills on the other hand have no PURPOSE yet they are the pure mindless destruction of the surroundings. This outburst of destruction is the consequence of genetic manipulation done by humans. It is the error in the design that is uncorrectable and it is uncorrectable cause it is the very basis of the organism, it resides on it. It is its definition. However, since it is so destructive it is the most suppressed and denied characteristics by the dogcravers.

They like to make jokes about it, when the dog chews up their shoes, when it wrecks property and they think that it is cute, it goes without saying cause, OMG it is THE DOG.

The truth, however is much much darker. The dog is not the hunter it is the KILLER.

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