Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Shockwave theory : Beastmasters, the allure of the underdog.

Photos of a criminals arrested in Serbia in the past two months
    charged with murder, beatings and animal abuse.

The communist ideology has a strong bond with the anti-social and psychopathic behaviors. In general, it has insensible desire to merge with the criminal mind. As such, it justifies and upholds all forms of criminal behaviors because it sees the prevailing system as the main oppressor and the criminal, while the criminals are justified as righteous rebels with the just cause. Since it is reactionary, the communist ideology always needs an enemy to fight against and the oppressed class to fight for, in order to exist. This absent minded ideology, is conflict based and it always seeks ways to provoke conflicts or to create them.

That is why, the left is in love with the underdog to the point of madness.

 It seeks to melt with it, in a orgasmic sado masochistic Danse Macabre act of self-annihilation.

However, its sacrifice to the thug, is not mindless, yet it has clear purpose and that purpose is control of the thug trough submission. By giving its body to the pain, it seeks to take the mind in return. It is a perverted trade, where a strong mind in a week body, seeks to gain ultimate power trough body snatching of a thug, in order to become a whole. A strong mind in a strong body, trough this merger with the psychopath.

For the left, the psychopath is the ideal. It is unpredictable, titillating and exciting, constant source of endorphins, it is embodiment of power in its rawest form and the left is absentmindedly attracted to power.

That is why, the left upholds and promotes the criminal behavior as a display of power and there is nothing more alluring than a thug with the beast under control. The beast represents the raw nature, the brute force, the essence of power. In this light, the pit bull is the only choice, the top dog with the under dog flavor. The rejected one, the prohibited one, the forbidden fruit, the taboo...The vampire that comes in the night, the secret lover...

The death wish.

Pit-bulls and other forms of dogs breed to fight are the logical choice for the left, because those dogs are created for a single purpose, to fight for the amusement of the oppressor, the rich capitalist. They are the ultimate victim and thus worthy of being "rescued". Same as a criminal which is a tragic outcome of social inequality, a victim of unjust treatment that "forced" him to become a social menace.

Therefore the society has to be punished for creating them, that is why they can never be guilty for being what they are. They need to be abolished for what they are and accepted as such, lifted from the dark pits and brought to the light and treated equally.

Even if they don't deserve it at all. 


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