Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Shockwave theory, "The ripples effect"

If we take the statement that says, that the gentle ripples on the surface are the products of tectonic and far more dramatic shifts at the core of things, to be true, than the story of dog ownership has much deeper meaning and it is no trivial thing, to say at least. From my neck of the woods, when cross referencing the data and the events, this statement is, without any shadow of a doubt, true. The question of dog ownership is deeply rooted in the politics and therefore, it transcends trough a entire spectrum of everyday life.

The dog paradigm, is a political question. Also, it is a social question.

For this reason, deconstructing the dog paradigm will not be an easy task and as I mentioned before, its deconstruction will take few painful turns.

Will the ever watchful eye of the social justice warriors and neo communists allow it to unfold, remains to be seen.

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