Sunday, November 4, 2012

Down the rabbit hole

Ah, the joy of work…
The life of a freelancer has its benefits but also it has its shortcomings, so I guess that there is no point for me to brag about the most recent job. I am sorry for the pause, but the latest gig took me by surprise and it literary made me lose the track of time, which created the gap in my blogging. But, that is over now, so I am back and ready to roll.
What has happen since my last blog? Well, not much, except that the number of owners in my neighborhood rose so now the usual contingent is reinforced with smaller but equally annoying doggies and irresponsible (can it be otherwise?) owners. However these new additions are not pure breed, yet rescued ones but for the cats, that really doesn’t matter, because they are all walked off the leash, as humane practice and elevated 21st century eco- green-spiritual and in sync with the nature, thinking advocates. Never mind the body count…its natural.
Sigh, the craver stays the craver no matter what and where.
On the wider plane, some interesting things had happen. For example, there were two mass fish poisoning here, in which indigenous fish species were reduced to near extinction level. Yet, no one protested, made statement, press conference or anything like that. Not even the NGO sector, which is supposed to keep a watchful eye over the animals. Instead they organized the competition for the best looking stray dogs that got adopted. Yay…The event was sponsored by the fancy doggie food manufacturer, because we all know that the man’s best friend deserves only the best. Here is the link, it’s in Serbian but picture is worth a 1000 words and you will see what I mean, You will also see that this organization receives the money form the USAID for its efforts, so I think that US tax payers should know where their tax dollars go and how they are spent. And the money is spent on the promotion of doggie bonanza, overpriced marketing campaigns, billboards and posters and zero actual work on the animal and environmental protection. The funniest thing is that they also have the sustainable living banner, so I am guessing that they are getting the money from them too, while all they do is promoting and creating unsustainable living conditions for both animals and humans.
Here is the photo of the dead fish:
The river itself is still poisoned and almost sterilized so with the bird migrations that are currently in progress, the body count is bound to extend to other species. But hey, they are not the dogs, so we don’t care. Wof,wof!!!


  1. i don't understand why anyone would deliberately poison a lake. wtf?

    i ran the animal link through google for translation. click here.

    1. No Dawn, the point is that the NGO's that are supposed to care about ALL animals, never mentioned the fish poisoning, they didn't organized the protests, they didn't filed any charges...nothing, the entire tragedy went unnoticed by them. However, whenever there is a dog poisoning, they are the first at the scenes, filing the charges and get all worked up about that. Officially the furniture factory stands accused for dumping the toxic chemicals and it is currently on trial, but it is prosecuted and charged by the govt not by the weary and elevated eco green NGO’s. This specific NGO is the one that started the doggie mantra, promoted the dogs under the animal protection agenda. But the truth is, it doesn’t care about any other animal than dogs.

    2. I mean, look at their posters and banners,only dogs and that cat with the cut off tail, the blue one it looks nothing like a real animal, just bunch of pixels clumped togeather. That campagin supposed to bring awareness to the childeren that the animals are not toys.

    3. The company, however denies that it dumped the toxic chemicals into the river. However the southern Serbia is unstable territory since it is close to Kosovo and the Albanians have territorial claims to that piece of land, so this might be the case of bio terrorism. Its a far shoot but it is possible.

    4. i understood the point you were making. it is the similar to the pit nutters, no kill freaks and rescue angels only caring about the pit bull on death row and not caring about the beagle it eviscerated or the cat it left in two pieces or the small herd of sheep that it brutally and senselessly slaughtered.

      even if the cravers can't relate to fish, they should at least be concerned about the deadly long term effects on the birds and mammals (possibly even stray dogs and feral cats) who visit the water source.

  2. Sometimes it is not deliberate, just laziness or stupidity.

  3. That comment did not appear in the manner that I expected it to... The link goes to a story on a fish kill that was caused by an elderly man disposing of cyanide by dumping a barrel of it down a storm sewer. Both stupid and lazy.

  4. Greetings Professor!

    Glad to see you back. I, too, have been very busy with work (a good thing, generally speaking). Those fish kills in your area are a true tragedy... I hope the miscreants are brought to justice! Is there any hope that the waterways in question can be cleaned up?

    Thanks, too, for the update on my tax money going to promote your national doggy bonanza... actually, the money we sent you for that was probably borrowed from the Chinese! Taxing to pay for more government is SO passe!

    Here is a site you might like: the author focuses primarily on the environmental impact of pets in general and dogs in particular. I am no extreme environmentalist by ANY means... I own 2 automobiles and eat meat daily! YUM. I believe that people have a right to spend their money as they see fit. That said, the silence from the "greens" on pet ownership is absolutely DEAFENING. In my opinion, anyone who owns more than one pet, or any pet over, say, 20 lbs LOSES their "green credentials". Anyone with a bunch of large dogs is basically just another large scale consumerist!

    One can argue that we need automobiles for transportation and humans are omnivores (which means at least some meat should be consumed) but how is owning a pet a necessity? What are you herding in that 5th floor apartment, anyway... dust mites?? Pet ownership is strictly a lifestyle choice for 95% of people.

    Anyway, have a great evening and I look forward to more of your material.