Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Necroculture

These climate changed seasons really drive me nuts. And they drive me nuts, because the weather is nice and when ever the weather is nice, the dogcravers feel the urge to destroy it. Just as I thought that the recent increase in prices will eat away cash for a new puppy (God forbid, giving that extra money to some donation, charity, invest in something or simply saving it for the rainy days), the early spring messed me up, totally. Now there is even more dogs!!! Let's introduce the new additions.

There is a shit load of slipper sized dogs, that yap all day long, with their cute little sweaters and even cuter shoes. Their owners are mostly fancy girls, that came from the provincial towns and want to get “urbanized” in an instant, so the first thing that they saw on the cable TV was a little doggie that looks like a toy. The unforgettable and unavoidable chihuahuas and pinchers are also present in considerable numbers.

Then there are epileptic french puddles, that simply beg to get converted into 2D by a car, as the owners let them go off the leash (I mean, we all know by now that walking dog on a leash is a sign of oppression, abuse and brutality).

In the heavyweight category, there was something that was brought as a cub, but while it was a cub it was a size of the teenage grizzly. But than when it grew up, it turned to be a mountain shepherd dog. From which mountain, that is not certain yet, since this beast can easily take on Yeti, Sasquatch and Big foot. I am guessing that when it is fully grown, it will have the ability to eat the Moon. And the owner falls into the redneck/highlander type so, yeah, the fun is guarantied.

Also there are some polar friends, like two huskies alongside with a cute little kid with even cuter baby pit bull. Yep, you heard me right, 10 year old kid is “walking” a pit bull. For me, that is the same as giving a 10 year old kid a fully loaded sub machine gun. This kid, being a kid, actually amazed me the most. You can see on his face, that craver's glow of happiness. The kid feels so superior and is convinced that he will be respected among other kids. And if they don't do it, well.... you can bet that another “incident” will happen.

What amazes me the most, is the lack of reaction. The whole society is absolutely paralyzed and it can't distinguish the dangers that this situation represents. No one is protesting, no one is raising alarms...nothing, nada, zip, zero. Nobody cares nor citizens nor the state.

Unfortunately, my own kin has fell under the influence of totalitarianism of tolerance (this will be the next subject, where I will explain how liberal ideas and human rights actually destroy human society and the state). Some time ago, my mother all together with her neighbor went to the graveyard to feed 10 (ten) puppies, whom live in a wrecked grave. I was deeply disturbed with this event and tried to explain how deeply damaging that is, on all levels. From the moral perspective (the respect for the dead and the living), from the medical/biological perspective ( the chance of contracting some nasty disease), from the social perspective (making the society care for the stray dogs, upholds irresponsible ownership, because carvers are now assured that they can “socialise” their reckless behavior by transferring the care to the society instead being punished for abandoning their dogs) and public safety (cause those dogs will grow up and ten stray dogs is more than enough to kill or harm human being, let a lone be mind bogglingly annoying with their barking, shitting and mauling of other animals, not to mention the degradation of urban living standards and destroying civilized forms of behavior.).

But to no avail.

Those puppies are in danger and they must be helped. At what cost, I asked her? The response was as expected :" I am cruel, heartless idiot whom doesn't live in reality and doesn't love animals and therefore humans."

It was clear to me that any attempt for me to make a point is futile. The thing that I know now, is that 10 puppies form the grave will grow up to be full fledged beasts in a two years and I better be ready for them when they come.

As I said before, the problems with dogs are sure fire sign that the society is dead and that the process of its decomposition is well underway. That society is a necroculture, the culture that devours its own values and beliefs, the very ones that once, were sacred and nurtured, celebrated and upheld.

So valuable that they were protected at all costs and worthy to die for.


  1. "totalitarianism of tolerance"

    Great phrase! Love it!

    Good to see you blogging again.

    1. I am glad that you like it. Things are bit rough for me, for some time (my father awaits the heart surgery) but I am getting back on track and more blogs will follow. As the spring approaches so the activity of the cravers rises. With the new additions to the doggie contingent, the Hell is guaranteed. Stay tuned...

  2. that is a great phrase. so is this:

    "I mean, we all know by now that walking dog on a leash is a sign of oppression, abuse and brutality"

    we tend to think that these people are power hungry assholes who need to demonstrate their prowess as superior dog handlers but i know quite a few of this type and they are more peace and love go with the flow free spirit hippies.

    1. Yeah, those are passive aggressive kind, the "flow riders". We have them too, actually they are the majority. If their dog turns a kitten into a lifeless pile of meat and bones, the explanation is "its nature man, the great circle of life", if it plants the squishy mines "its natural again,and biological necessity"...Everything that their doggie does in natural and therefore good. Even if it is illegal and immoral.