Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tyranny of tolerance

Sometimes I wonder if this whole bizarre ordeal with dogs has some deeper and therefore more sinister meaning. If you like conspiracy theories, you will love this one.

During the heights of the demise of four kittens, last year, I came in contact with the official dogcraver on facebook. Every time I had conversations with her, I wanted to tell her the truth, what I think of her, that she is petrified almost good looking young woman, whom lives alone and has two mentally disturbed brothers as neighbours, and that her love for dogs and her monster pet pack that she has in her place, is nothing more than a projected fear of being raped by her neighbours. But I've held my horses tight, and respected her situation, although I had to deal with the absolute avalanche of dog bullshit mantra that she threw at me every single time when we had a conversation.

However, trough her, I was able to find the E.S.D.A.W.

ESDAW stands for European Society for Dog and Animal Welfare. This organisation got my attention right away and I started to study them. It didn't take me long to realise that I've actually hit the jack pot. This organisation is THE MOTHERSHIP of all organisations that are active in my part of “Eurasia”.

When you click on the “About us” button, you will be taken into the belly of the beast. There is usual mantra about humanity and care, then there is a funny statement about the mission (there is always A MISSION) and then the fun begins. The thing that is so wonderful about ESDAW is how bluntly honest they are, in their effort of promoting the craver's agenda ( there shall be no pet animal than dogs and all shall love them and be their slaves). Let's begin from the title, European Society for Dog and Animal Welfare.

First question is: why the Dog and Animal Welfare? Isn't the dog an animal also? Why separate dogs from other animals if all animals matter? Well, it appears that ESDAW policy thinks that dogs are somehow different and special, that they are a bit more equal than other animals. Umm, fat chance.

Actually, the ESDAW clearly states, in their title, that the dogs are NOT animals, yet that they are something else. Something else that is ABOVE animals, since the dogs go before animals (dogs and animals from the title). So according to their beliefs, the dog is an uber animal which I found to be a bit slightly racial supremacy context, coated in the sweet animal story. An animal Nazism.

As you go trough the “mission” text, fun things start to appear. Their area of operations is EU and Europe. EU and Europe? Aren't those two the same, I mean European Union and Europe? How many Europas exist on this planet, 1,3,18?

Of course this bogus statement actually sheds the light on their real agenda, which is to spread the “eternal light of dog shit” onto all surrounding countries that are planned to be in the European Union, in the Great chess board game, written by the God of western geopolitics, Zbigniew Brzezinski. You will find this man fingerprint, behind every single major political event in the world from the Carter era till this day.

Personally for me, Zbigniew is a deranged maniac and the classical example of 19th century logic, that revolves around imperial context, commonly known as “ fortress under siege”. In this context, the world is divided into two parts, one behind the walls of mighty fortress and the one outside the walls. Everything that is within the walls of fortress is valuable, meaningful and civilised, it should be upheld and honoured and everything outside the fort walls is a hostile wilderness, full of barbarians and beasts whom seek to bring down the fortress. And it is worthless, and therefore the fortress has every right to conquer and exterminate it. It has duty to bring order to the bad lands populated by lesser forms of life. That is its mission.

So trough this bogus statement on the ESDAW site, it is quite clear that ESDAW is a political project and it has deeper agenda behind it. The question is, what they want? What connection exists between dogcravers and mystical imperialism of the 19th century?

Well, depending how deep you want to go, the answers are pretty much self explanatory.

The bond between dogcraver and the dog is driven by pure mental pathology. But aside from that, that relationship is a master and servant type of relationship, defined by mutual dependency of its participants. So, the first rational question that arises out of this is, why would European Union promote this kind of relationship, that is based on master and servant principles? When this type of relationship is in essence undemocratic. If the European Union stands for freedom and democracy, why it promotes the dependant relationship? It doesn't make any sense. Oh, but it does. It does because in this case EU is the master and the Europe is the servant, meaning that all nations that want to join the EU must be obedient to its master's voice. And the way how it is done is trough promoting awareness of animal rights. Promoting awareness is actually a synonym for paying attention and attention is THE thing that the dogcravers crave the most. So by creating aware citizens in those nations, trough promotion of animal rights, you are actually creating population that is willing to do what ever you want, aka you are creating pro European movement. So if I say that dogcravers are narcissistic ego maniacs, that project their internal insecurity onto the outside world trough dog, making the dog inverted image of that weakness, aka the dog is strong and fierce and he is the protector of me, me whom is vulnerable and fragile, I am automatically seen as anti European and isolated (neutralised from the mainstream or any public discussion). Also in the light of “fort under siege”philosophy, I am barbarian that needs to be destroyed since my barbaric ways are automatically seen as attack on fort's walls, that protect everlasting good.

So the thing that fort is asking of me is to be tolerant.

Unfortunately, being tolerant in this sense, means that I should not care for the things that dogcravers do. Being tolerant means that I shouldn't stop them in their lifestyle, that I shouldn't judge them and under no circumstances I should confront them with their crimes. I shouldn't protest when they kill a cat or kitten, when they kill a child or grown human being, when they bite me, when they deprive me of sleep, when they take every joy from my life. When they degrade the public space with their crap. When they defile a graveyard.

Let's cut this bullshit right now, because being tolerant means that I have to cancel my self as human being. To put it as bluntly as possible- what is required of me is to commit suicide, in the name of tolerance and civilisation.

This process of constantly pushing for even more rights and liberties, has lead to another extreme, equally destructive as any other rigid totalitarian regime. What has happened actually, by my humble opinion, was that, in the effort to liberalise the society and achieve higher freedom standards for its population, those societies simply went on to cancel the state itself. They became so liberal up to the point of demeaning the very notion of the state. So once the state disappeared, all the “contracts” up on which it was formed, disappeared as well. It was no longer possible to form a coherent consensus about anything, how that society should behave, what are the common norms, values and morals. Everything became individual and prone to subjective judgement. Up on this new ethos, where there is no common ground up on which consensus could be formed, various groups were formed to protect their beliefs and value systems. The logical consequence of this state, is that, since there is no common consensus, yet there are many opposing consensuses, those consensuses come in conflict with each other. So instead of achieving harmony in the society, this situation created an everlasting conflict situation, kind of permanent low intensity conflict within the society itself. 
This situation, where you have constant struggle and constant fight is unbearable state of living. The fact that you are constantly living in fear that something can come out of nowhere and with its jaws and claws, destroy everything that you hold dear, including your own life is so degrading and so demeaning that it inflicts a permanent damage, both on the individual or/and the society. Cause in essence, the society doesn't exist as a whole and therefore the common norms and morals doesn't exist either.There are no common good in this.

This society is equally brutal and chaotic as the nature itself, and it is governed by one law only- the survival of the fittest.


  1. Interesting thoughts Professor. This one is genius "The bond between dogcraver and the dog is driven by pure mental pathology."

    Glad you are back, you were missed.

    1. Thank you, SC. I am reading the bones saga and I can't believe that those things are happening in the US.
      We had a similar case in 2006 when the female pit bull attacked two or three children in the provincial town and the animal rights advocates were able to save the dog from being put down, justifying the dog attack with the fact that the dog had puppies and it was only defending her young. I was speechless cause I didn't know what was worse, idiots from the animal rights group, the fact that we had a feral pit bull that is multiplying or the impotence of the justice system and the authorities to deal with this kind of threat. It is needless to say that those attacks continued to rise rapidly, after 2006 and with each passing year the reactions from the authorities and the society were more and more impotent while the brutality of the attacks was getting higher.

      Please, try as much as you can to raise awareness about these things, cause believe me, you don't want to end up like us. I will do my part as much as I can from this side of the globe.

    2. When people get death threats to themselves and their families just because they are not dog cravers, then there is something really flawed in society nowadays. Somebody who loves animals but does not lke dogs still is considered and animal abuserbe deafult. This insanity must stop.