Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Gustav the killer with his side kick, seconds before it will be unleashed. Stray pit bull in heat and the young mother with a baby. Triangle of circumstances that make my everyday life miserable with each passing second.
Feral stray pit bull in front of my window and it is in heat. The first one to get the prize was the mega killer, German shepherd Gustav, the infamous cat killer, which tried to jump on the pit bull. But the owner didn't let him to get the job done. At the moment when this picture was taken, there were at least 10 kids on the playground and three elder women. After I called the animal control, they said that they will, most probably come today or tomorrow. I couldn't stop my self from laughing.


  1. i've read instances where animal control tells people who are reporting loose pit bulls, to catch it and hold it until they get there - tomorrow. i laughed too, not.