Sunday, April 14, 2013

Тhe death dealer strikes again.

Two weeks ago, I got a full time job, working as a lead designer at the newly formed mobile-game development studio. I wake up at 6 AM, do the usual morning routine and at the 9AM I am at the studio working until 6 PM. We work all week including Saturday, except we work usually till 1 or 3 PM. It is the dream come true job, very creative,fun but also very mentally demanding and time consuming so that, after working hours are over, I return home pretty much as a zombie.

It doesn't bother me, it comes with the job and I am more than willing to pay the price, simply because I don't want to have a crappy job, where the first thing that I do when I wake up, is to send to hell all my coworkers that I will met that day. I already live in a crappy country and lead a crappy life, so having a crappy job would be just too much crap.

However, this quantum of solace, this enclave of happiness and joy, was shuttered yesterday when I learned that stray cat that I loved so much, was torn to pieces by the death dealer Gustav and newly bought polar monstrosity, the hysterical husky. The fact that the cat was dismembered on the day I got the job was another blow but the coup de grace came when I learned how she died. She died while defending her five kittens, five kittens that are one month old.

After learning that, my creativity flew straight through the window.

Yesterday I was in a daze and on the verge of complete mental breakdown. Lying in my bed, grief gripped me tight and instead creating new assets for the game, I was looking at the sealing until I fell a sleep.


  1. That's sad. I'm sorry to hear about the cat getting ripped apart by the dog. Now the kittens have been dealt a death sentence as well.

  2. This is very sad to hear. The more I read these kinds of stories the more I want to become a dog hunter with a tiger pet on the side. Keep your head up. More and more people waking up and resisting this doggie culture.

  3. I had a miniature poodle that considered every cat he met to be his new best friend, and, amusingly, they always responded kindly to him, even wise, wary farm cats we e countered on our walks-there is no reason for dogs to behave barbarically with cats, and though I find most dogs distasteful, I loved that one-I'm sorry for your grief, cats are lovely creatures, my favorites, along with horses.