Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another day in the void...

It has been hard for me to write, due to my work obligations and the always present void in my head, when I try to write something coherent about this subject. I guess that the void is the thing that remains after dealing with this. Because, dogcravers always take and never give, and its never enough. Never.

Yesterday,  I went to work, angry at myself for not being able to solve some problems in a project that I am currently working on and right after the first corner I saw the, oh so familiar sight for my neighborhood, an corpse of 6 month old tabby kitten and the void came. Its that chilling but empty feeling, paralyzing for the any kind of thought, that grasped me immediately .

Dogs of course, multiple spinal fractures and the punctured lungs.

So I did the only thing I was able to do, since we are now all civilized, tolerant progressive and vivisected, I took it on the internet. Wow, how meaningful and brave of me. The article on our most enlighten and civilized network, has just arrived with the appropriate title "Why dogs make us healthier" so I replied with:
" Dogs make me healthier because they bark and growl all day and night under my window, while I am working, constantly reminding me that I am not a lone on this planet. Especially it is healthy to hear and see a sight when a dog mauls a cat and hearing the owner yelling from 50 meters away, at the dog to stop, while wearing a leash around the waist. That event is truly mentally gratifying especially if it is seen by an child, it has healing effect on its psyche. As for me, after hearing and seeing those things, the desire to smoke five cigarettes under 10 minutes, instantly stops."

Verdict was: 67 dislikes and 13 likes for my comment after a week.

Not a bad score, for the Debility Incorporated site.

Oh well...

Now, for some time, I had this idea about comic, that deals with this subject but in a more creative way and after yesterday void strike, I decided to go for it.

Will it be on this blog or on the separate one, remains to be sorted out, mostly due to hosting and file sizes but I think that it will be a nice twist.


  1. You are a humane man, the death of the kitten was sad and senseless. Deal with it as it seems appropriate for you to do.

    Possibly you missed the recent news story about the pit bull owner who is suing the owner of a Beagle that her pit bulls killed. As she tells the story she was injured when she went onto the property of the Beagle owner to retrieve her pit bulls. Classic "take and never give."

  2. Great to hear from you. Look forward to reading anything you have to write.

    Sorry about the cat - I am a cat lover, too. The dog lovers clearly have the upper hand and we are distant 2nd class citizens.

  3. Glad to see you back writing! Rants are always worth reading because they make the rest of us realize we are not alone with this dog menace.
    I hate hearing about innocent animals mauled by these monsters. Taking action might be worthwhile, if you are bold and able.

  4. There aren't words to properly express how entirely SICK I am of people and their damn dogs. Incessant barking, dog attacks (leashed and unleashed), no one ever thinks THEY are the BAD owner. I think most of them get off on making other people miserable with their barking lawn ornaments and unleashed fanged missiles. Truly responsible dog owners seem few and far between anymore since worship of DOG Almighty has become the American way.