Friday, September 18, 2015

Typical dogcraver

Although he has complete control over his dog, he still can't avoid the craving to dominate via his dog.

These kittens were lucky, but so many others were not...


  1. Great to hear from you. Stop by my blog someday!

  2. This God-Cesar (as they call him) wannabe macho wimp doesn't have control over his undog. He's doing a weak attempt at the Cesar thing of making the undog walk behind him so he can feel like the Big Leader (since no one else will look at this imbecile for leadership). He might as well get a tattoo on his forehead: 'Moron with a penis problem'.

    I understand that you hate all dogs, but I still object to calling these pit bull types (such as the mastiff-pit mix in this video) dogs. They are mutants, unnatural human-selected aberrations for which there is as yet no fitting word.

    I'm convinced (having watched it happen) that this whole dog-worship thing originated in the pit bull movement. It wasn't until the pit types started massively savaging people (and kittens, and anything else that breathes) that a small crowd of nutcases started saying we have to excuse everything any 'dog' ever does. That the perp is really the only victim, since 'they know not what they do' (yes, the religious cultism and the self-invented 'angel' identification of the pit nutcases was already apparent in that histrionic appeal to the 'guilt' question).

    If we as a collective had said in the first place, "No, the limits on what we'll accept from a dog remain in place", we wouldn't have this spreading ink stain of excusing everything any antisocial dog and its antisocial owner does. After all, if you don't put an undog down for mauling or killing, how can you justify removing a dog 'just' for chronic barking? If you allow people to parade around with ambulatory IEDs and to consider themselves angels when they let it kill then keep it anyway, how can you penalize people for just letting their dogs shit everywhere and leave the stuff on the pavement? .

    Eradicating the pit types and identifying their owners undeniably as felons (rather than 'angels') is IMO the key to stopping the entire problem. We need to bang the lid down hard on this whole killer-dog business, making sure that even the mere possession of such a mutant ruins the illicit owner's life (rather than everyone else's). Once we restore this first sane limit, it will follow easily that no dog owner gets away with ruining the environment for others. But as long as we tolerate (un)dogs that kill, all the rest is hopeless.

    1. We or I, for that matter, don't deal specifically with dogs, yet we deal with psychological aspects of dog ownership and to greater extent sociological impact of such behavior.

    2. You seem to have missed the various psychological and sociological points I make. Oh well.

    3. I think that the phenomenon of "dog ownership" is a form of a defense mechanism, projection so to speak that works as a part of a much bigger pathology that resides under the umbrella of, personally my favorite cluster B disorder, the narcissistic personality disorder.